Monday, March 1, 2010

My Husband and Me - Our Colourful Differences

Paul, my husband....sighhhhhhhhhhhhh...

We've had 25 years of marital blizzard..oops, I mean, blisssssssssssssssssss (can you hear the snake onomatopoeia?) How in the world our marriage is still surviving I donno. I'm a-tellin' ya, it's been grace and grace alone.

"Love seems the swiftest but it is the slowest of all growths. No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century. "~Mark Twain Huh? How come I've been married a quarter of a century and I still don't know what perfect love is? If anything at all, I know what IMperfect love is.

We are as different as can be. Which of course, all you married people out there are going to affirm is the same with you and your spouse, too. Then you're gonna say how opposites attract and blah blah. Then you're gonna say that's what makes the world go round or something...

If we eat out, my husbandsigh goes Indian MOST of the time. I want Chinese food. If we watch a funny show, he wants the slapstick 3-Stooges kind. I want the kind where if you're not paying close attention to the words, you lose the wit. If we're thinking of a holiday, he'd be happy to bum in front of a TV in a hotel room in the evening while I'd want to paint the town red. He'd want to go cold (Fraser's, Cameron Highlands), I'd want HOT - beach beach and more beach.

My husbandsigh thinks in black and white ("just paint the bedroom one colour lah").

I think in colour ("there's no reason why the ceiling should be white," "why can't we fix the clock on the ceiling - makes more sense to me").

My husbandsigh posing with "Indra Gandhi" at the wax museum in south India..
Me, posing at same wax museum.

Isn't the sumo wrestler more....drama? Yes!

If there was something to do, my husband will it. (IF he does it lah)

I will be thinking of how to do it with FLAIR...

If my husbandsigh were to go out on a whim and buy himself say...a bike, he'd probably get this:

And I would get this of course:

"C'mon guys, give me the most macho pose you can!" I say.

My husbandsigh's idea of a macho posy..sorry, pose.

How did we end up getting married? I'm tellin' ya, it was that flashing smile that must've done it.

Want proof?

So, yeah....sometimes, the journey seems really long.

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year. ~Paul Sweeney
But our differences is cause to celegrate...oops..I mean celebrate. I think.


** all bird photos were taken at the Bird Park, Kuala Lumpur.
all photos above are originals and NOT photoshopped cos I donno how to.


  1. Uncle PauL must be in Big trouble with Aunt VaL

  2. Aisayman ...Wow! Val! ... great stuff ... am loving it ... see... I told ya you must write more often ... your articles just keep getting bettER & BETTER...P/S so when ya gonna belanja me? LOL!
    P.P.S luv the crazy pix of you and hubby ... and the beautifulllll birds too!

  3. An. Val!!!! AHAHAHHAHHA! You're hillarious! I'm following you NOW!!!
    I usually don't put "following" on my blog. but i link the blogs which i read to my page. its easier that way. or maybe its the same? i dunno. i've never tried officially "following". I am so tech-handicapped for my age.

  4. thanks, sarah! if YOU'RE tech-handicapped, what about me, at MY age. still struggling but plodding on. i only have posts since this year so read back, too. glad if it made you chuckle!

  5. pattieboo: i KNOW you have ulterior motives for flattering me to glory. and flattery will get you everywhere...pix are crazy or the people in the pix? and you now where THAT came from!! :)))

  6. I see now, it must have been the flashy smile that worked! (wink ;) wink) You make a lovely couple even with the differences. And girl you write so good!!

  7. plus it was dark...lovely couple indeed. ahem.

  8. Hei An Val! Nice stuff and marriage you have there! Gonna show J this stuff n i'm sure it will give him a laugh!

    For the photography part, try adjusting the ISO to give more intense sort of picture. Or u probably may ask the pro i.e. Sarah Lim =p

  9. aiyoooo!xoxoxo....what has uncle Paul done?

  10. It's not interesting, not funny and not cool. It's soooooo sweeett =) The most romantic thing is to grow old together =) Brings some emotion to my chest =) Hope I can look back some 20-30 yrs later and smile at my journey with my hubby too. May God bless you in all your journeys =)

    p/s: My bf's very like ur husband. A dungu!! But I love him and his dungu-ness. hahaha

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  12. you're really funny aunty.. n so hypeeeer:) hahahah jay...jay...

  13. annie, HAH! i always did suspect i was getting more and more hyper (hyperer and hyperer)since i started working at my kindergarten. i love jason SO MUCH. will post more photos with him as i go along. don't tell him....

  14. hehe... very nice Aunty Val.. :D

  15. comment from facebook,copied and pasted:

    Nya Okon March 13 at 12:55am
    It's a wonderful write-up. Absolutely love it. Made me laugh. Very romantic blogpost. Happy anniversary. When was it? God bless you guys abundantly. For all the love you showed me may yours abound still more and more everyday.

  16. nya, thanks heaps! pl comment on blog page next time, ok? makes for easier reading for me cos then i know what you are referring to. (i am writing articles for another bulletin, too and memory is failing about what i did for who) hee hee

  17. maria, thanks! i just saw your comment, oops!

  18. received thru email: On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 5:35 AM, Thangarany wrote:

    Dear Val,
    Loved your story!
    That gave me an idea, that each of us contribute one story of our
    "Macho Man", we can compile it and make it into a book. Just like the
    Chicken Soup for the Soul, and it will sell a million copies and we
    can make big bucks.

  19. i like the part about the big bucks....

  20. Theresa D'cruz TeohMarch 23, 2010 at 7:47 PM

    Wow Val, that was a great piece(your style and humour) and even greater is the fact that inspite of diference in colour you guys stuck together...that's TRUE LOVE. Yeah and his smile helped. And if you are getting a book compiled , I WANT IN!!!!!...for the fame and fortune...keep the articles coming...keep it coming....keep it coming...what does Sarah mean"following"?

  21. theresa d'cruz teoh, hahaha! thanks...a book? just getting these posts done is already a feat. Sarah signed up as a follower, meaning she will be reading my blog regularly. don't know what the difference is between signing up as a follower and as a friend,though.

  22. copied and pasted from facebook:
    Pam Hendroff
    loved your story - happy 25th. anniversary. Richard & I celebrated ours in January - we went to Penang - see, i had the beach... he had the bi**h!!!!! Born in the Year of the Dog mah!!!
    March 8 at 5:45pm

  23. message received thru facebook:
    R.C. March 17 at 6:19pm

    Wow your whole life story .... i enjoyed reading your blog. hey, you should be a full-time blogger. Really cute couple. Cheers!

  24. RC, cute? hmm, not the word i would use to describe us. hahahahha...full-time blogger.WHY??

  25. message from facebook:
    P Phang March 27 at 1:55am
    Hi Val! Just to say I enjoy reading ur articles in ur blog, pretty interesting stuff & equally amusing! ... d mattress bit, if it were me ... i wld hv none of it!!

  26. P Phang, hahahahaha! like i said, sometimes the road is long...("but I'm strong, strong enough to carry on, sing it to me, babay..."

  27. yaaay i finally found im commenting see see LOL
    i love your blog Aunty V, its so refreshing, lively....and you and Uncle Paul are just great together!

  28. LOVE it!! too many gems of quotes here but .. husbandsigh ..??? hahahaa!! OK, i want to know when Paul does write something ..( of cuz, u the one who writes and he doesn't)
    OGI-rinal and lovely .. kudos to both (25 years of married life ..
    andrew lim

  29. andrew, yeah, i the one who writes and he doesn't....kinda unfair, isn't it? (like hitting below the belt)

  30. hahahah..(and i know who will hurt the most below the belt..Oooo!!)


  31. You are the cutest couple in the world! :)