Friday, August 13, 2010

(Part 2 of) Why I Love my Job

In my post before this, I mentioned a few reasons why I love my job. But first, a few more photos of the little people I work for, and with (yes, indulge me....)

Twins Alyssa and Qistina...or is that Qistina and Allysa? We've taken to calling them "TWEEEEEENS!" when we need both of them.

Areena ("P Q R S T U V Buddle-U X Y Z!")

Three-year old Khadeja (who apparently is already betrothed....ahem.)

And here are a few more reasons why I love my job:

1. We get to do fun art lessons.

(here's one, teaching kids how to draw straight lines with a ruler)

(a finger-painted tree)

(felt ladybirds on a paper leaf)

(painted paperweight pebble)

2. We learn fun rhymes together.

One little baby

Rocking in a tree

Two little babies

Splashing in the sea

Three little babies

Crawling on the floor

Four little babies
Banging on the door

Five little babies
Playing hide and seek

Keep your eyes closed tight now
Until.. I say .. PEEK!

3. An occasional drama here and there
(and I'm not talking about the bawling kid refusing to get out of
the car,
or the one nose-picking as if there was an undiscovered mine in there somewhere)

(here's Lutfi with 'injuries' after a horrific road accident - that day's lesson was Road Safety)

(Here's Brandon, who came in one day, impersonating Michael Jackson...or is that Stevie Wonder. I wonder...)

4. Colleagues who have become great pals.

This photo of Asmah (Mak Chor, to all of us) was added in because she looks gorgeous here.

(actually I added it in because I found out she secretly reads my blog in the deep of the night behind closed doors....but shhh...don't tell her I told you...and she likely can't read this fine print, heh!)

So the amusement continues...

4 year old takes a colour pencil with the tip broken off.

3 year old exclaims, "hey, that one doesn't have ink lah!"

W is for watermelon.


no, no, watermelon




never mind.


All the time, I had just accepted whatever colouring work they had handed in. After all, it isn't art I am teaching but English. "w" for watermelon y'know? The drawing is just for reinforcing the phonetic sound taught. So as long as their handwriting displayed effort, I accepted their work. Even rewarded them with a sticker.

But after seeing that my beautiful hand-drawn outline of my watermelon had been mutilated, coloured totally brown...

What colour is a watermelon?


and what colour is the skin?


so we're gonna get it right this time, ok?

ok. (grin grin)

what colours are you going to use?

red and green!


slice of watermelon with red skin and green flesh



  1. It took me a while to figure out the twins, not easy. Betrothed at 3, going back in time aren't we? With the sweet little face, I will get betrothed to her too ... red waterLemon with green flesh - what about the blue cat? :-)
    and green hand (incredible hulk), .. the list goes on ...

  2. Huda, unfortunately I never knew I'd start a blog one day or I'd have taken pictures of blue Dalmatians and brown waterLemons...

  3. Hahaha this must be interesting
    but watermelon and waterlemon look the same in writing,only realised wen you broke it down
    No thats not MJ thats Asian's Stevie wonder..
    hehehe next time one shud impersonate me

  4. May ur love for ur job and everyone in it grow deeper and deeper each year! the kids are so blessed to have u as their teacher.
    nyways, haf ya got the concert song? :)

  5. yes, butterflutter - I love this photo of her...totally!

  6. hersheys: yep, we are working on concert songs now. so far it involves....oops, can't say cos some parents may be reading this..ahem.

  7. he!he!he! ... how come the babies ALL look like Darren? lol! I must say that the 'artwork' is really great ... I love the little kids too - and the makciks in kindy ... err.. how come no 'sweet young things' teaching in kindy? lol!

  8. pepe, and why may i ask should anyone impersonate you...

    pattie boo...we had a book with little itsy pictures of these babies so, as usual i "cari pasal" and drew them larger and crayon-coloured them, so the children could see the enlarged pictures.
    excuse me, we are ALL sweet young things...

  9. from facebook: Jell P.C. August 14 at 9:22am
    i did sign up as a follower already na kha! I like your story and all the picture kha :)

  10. Thanks for signing up, Jell! now it's your turn to write YOUR stories....!!

  11. from facebook: S.R.Lim August 14 at 3:27am
    Val, are you in nursery, kindergarten work? I took a bit of time reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

  12. Thanks, S.R. This is a day-care centre but I only work as a teacher up to 1pm, not the whole day. I may not have the same sentiments if I were here the whole day....I wonder.

  13. I couldn't stop smiling at all the things you wrote on your blog. Who said that working was no fun! At least you write nice things about your job.
    And I'm thinking--- an icy-cold glass of watermelon juice, 1/2 tsp.of sugar, with a squeeze of lemon & a dash of vodka would be awesome on a hot day like today!

  14. Pam, good heavens, I didn't think a blog post could inspire you in THAT way!

  15. from facebook: L. Low
    August 19, 2010 at 2:19pm

    Keep blogging Val! 'Cos I enjoy reading all your articles in your blog and I try to find the time to do so! You know lah, working mothers like me are so busy with office work and house work!

  16. so what are we gonna do when we retire?

  17. Just the teeniest correction - Khadeja is not yet betrothed.. applications are still open!!

    Interviews will be held in 2030, successful applicants will be informed. :)

  18. To Khadeja's Mom: Then I must have been misinformed...that young man must have been only a suitor :)