Wednesday, October 20, 2010

English Tea Scones, anyone?

Many years ago, I remember being taken to a quaint, little place called

I don't remember what exactly we ate cos even back then I was not a foodie so the meal would not have excited me much. BUT what I do remember I loved was how sweet this little cafe was. And is.

So when my girls decided to take me for a treat recently, this is where I chose to go. Although I'm sure anybody else would have chosen to go at tea-time (see the name of the cafe?), I quickly googled the cafe to see if they had lunch-time food served (anything to get out of cooking)- yes, they did - and off we went!

Immediately as you reach the cafe, you already see that the mosaic floor entrance has a teapot design on it. Even the handle of the door at the entrance is shaped like a teapot...

And inside, there are - teapots (no kidding)! I was told there are about 200 in the cafe but that the owner has more at home.

three teapots on a display shelf mounted on the wall

I tried taking photos of the more interesting ones but as the shelves were quite high, I had to reach my camera high up, just shoot and hope for the best. So all I kept getting were...well, the bottom of the display shelves...or the top of the teapot lid....or nothing that was even close to the teapot. So my eldest daughter Joni helped me with these shots, to save me (or maybe her) the embarrassment of the customers that were there staring at this crazy woman getting in their way (I embarrass my kids without even trying).

a sink teapot, complete with tap, toothpaste, toothbrush...

a fireplace and mantel teapot, and a carriage teapot

a cabbage teapot (I like!)

ooo....a teapot with amazing painted details

What we ate for lunch wasn't anything to scream about but then again I'm not a foodie (did I already mention that?). I had a basil buttered fish steak and was happy enough that the fish was fresh. The girls tried the rosemary chicken which they said was good.

Ye Olde Candy Shoppe Teapot - look at the details!

antique piano teapot

But - it comes!! We had so wanted to try their home-made tea scones, with home-made clotted cream and jam. And -

O - M - G're gonna love me for this piece of info, brought to you free of charge, cos I'm cool like that..

You must go there for their tea scones with clotted cream! And this, coming from a SNAF (so-not-a-foodie)! I'm-a-tellin'-you!

I found out later that my younger girl, a FNID (foodie-not-in-denial) actually went there again with her buddie within the fortnight. And they had ordered some Summer somethin' somethin' tea to go with the scones which they said was heavenly, too (how come they didn't invite me, eh?)

I have been dreaming of them ever since (the scones, not my daughter and her buddie) and looked up recipes of tea scones and clotted cream. But I've only gone as far as buying a few of the required ingredients. (You will recall in my Allison's French Onion Dip post that cooking/baking and I don't exactly blend together)

a rose teapot (squeal! so pretty!) I wonder if it had matching tea-cups - rose buds perhaps? eek!

A word of warning though. They may not have everything that's on the menu cos I suspect they only concentrate on a few key dishes each day. I would suggest you go for the teatime stuff rather than lunch or dinner. Check out their website or better still, call for any info you may want before you go (for example, I hear their scones only come out after 3pm. RM3.90 for a pair, plus plus).

While I love the quiet ambience, the fact that the place is small and cozy, and the idea of all those teapots, I rather feel that the display of the teapots could have been done in a more creative way. But that's just the artsy side of me coming out. I'd have some suspended in mid-air, some in glass cabinets with mannequins and some on revolving pedestal tables. Heh! Having all those teapots on shelves only, and if I'm not wrong, all facing the same direction (handles on the right)....well...that' cup of tea? ok, that was lame.

And would you believe I was so taken in with examining each teapot that I plum forgot to take a picture of the tea scones? (see? SNAF....)

Anyone wanna come with me next time?

Useful info: You can find them on facebook, The Teapot Cafe
Address: 169, SS2/24
(same row of shoplots as the Affin Bank)
Tel : 03-7875-3024

Opening Hours :
Mondays : 12noon - 6.30pm
Tuesdays - Saturdays : 12noon - 10pm
Sundays and Public Holidays : Closed

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  1. Val those scones sound yummy, do they actually have real clotted cream?? - find it hard to believe, if they do I'm forever in your debt!! Thanks for sharing your little outing, at least now we know where we can get good sconesxx

  2. Me, me! creative. I guess the owner must've travelled around the world and collected the teapots along the way. BTW, what teapot did they use to pour your tea from? Heheh - Sheila.

  3. OMG Val, what a gem of a place. I do love teapots and scones. Reminds me of the seaside town of Ipswich I visited in 1999. Would get lost trying to find the place. Maybe Google earth can help me find it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Let's go Val and Tammy and Joni, I am a foodie though scones arent quite my cup of tea .... Zara and Emilie would surely like the food and my sis would love the teapots, for sure. When are you starting your collection?

  5. Allycat, yes, real home-made clotted cream...I didn't even know what that was til I tried it! (SNAF, remember?)

    Anonymous Sheila (? I probably don't know how you became anonymous with a name either...), as I recall we have a zorbing outing outstanding also! Actually when we went we didn't order any tea as we were just too full by then.

  6. Oli - so, when are you going with me, eh?

    Huda - a FNID I see. huh? so who do I go with? your sister and Zara and Emilie, correct?

  7. comment on facebook, 22nd Oct 2010

    Pam Hendroff - ME! i'm coming with you for scones -when lah??

    Pam, yay! let's go! we'll call each other..

  8. When you and Pam go , count me in...maybe Thelma can make it a foursome...

  9. you making me go lapar lah...SNF...ok ok,but atleast you can try a bit of food hey
    You know me and food are good buddies,i wanna join you laah
    Wow the tea pots are unique, tell them to sell one to me ok...

  10. Boago, they don't sell 'em, only for display...actually, they should, shouldn't they? yes, we should go...didi maya!

  11. from facebook, 25th October 2010

    Kevin Tan: let's go for a cup of tea! let's c...saturday free or not?

    Kevin, will call ya Friday night to confirm, ok?

  12. from facebook, 25th October 2010

    Victor: oooh, i've been there before. their scones are lofley!

    Victor, yay! so we're not the only ones who think so...

  13. I got a collection of badges from all over the world, and stamps, and matrishka dolls...perhaps I can start a 'Badge Cafe', or 'Stamp-a-rant' or 'Preeviet (means Hello in Russian) Place'?? :P
    Pls take me along the next time you go there for scones. I love tea! I really like the concept of the cafe. Who would have thought a collection of teapots can be the beginning of a restaurant?? Awesome!

  14. HeR$heYs, yes, do start a what would you serve? now I have tea dates with a quite a number of people...calories

  15. from facebook:

    Theresa Wong, Oct 26th, 2010

    thanks Val....that is a cool sharing......enjoyed the teapot photos...v. v. much.......kiss...lovely.....

  16. Theresa, huh? you don't wanna take me there?

  17. from facebook:

    Thelma Lim, Oct 26th 2010

    Yes, I'll yum-cha with you, any day or night ... but I prefer kopi...
    I would have loved to see a pic of the scones,though ... you led me on with your story ... but didn't show me any scones! Enjoyed the tea-pots - esp the lovely door handle!

  18. thelma, I really forgot to take a picture of the scones. but actually I never thought I'd be blogging about scones that's why...SNAF, remember? let's go.

  19. So we're setting up a date - with Oli, Allycat, Pam and me ... how about inviting Benjy? Then he can practise taking photos & Shanti (or Oli)can give us some 'modelling' tips! lol! Would be great fun, no? And YES - this time we'll take photos of the scones - for pals like Lynn to enjoy ...

  20. from facebook:

    Zahara Manan October 29 at 1:35pm Reply • Report
    love the place, the teapots... oh oh... so lovely

    yes,Zahara! so when are we going?