Friday, August 23, 2013

Superman Wall Hanger/Rainbow Slats

Some time ago I made this and gave it away as a's a wooden door'mat' made of scrapwood . You can read about that here...

Someone wanted a similar one, but in bright, actual rainbow colours...(her 8 year old son is currently into rainbows :) 

And another one to hang on the wall, with a Superman logo! (and there's that feeling that I'm using an eyeliner on 92 ... 46...  92 ladies...again)

This is before lacquering....

Lacquer, add some S hooks to hang stuff from...

Here it is, placed on a cupboard (I have nowhere to hang it to 'model')....I think it can be used right up to teen years :)

As all of it was made of scrapwood, the size of each rack couldn't be standard.  It ranged from 30inches to 36inches wide (currently I'm making a third one).

Hope someone's daughter will want one with a unicorn!  Imagine how fun it would be hanging stuff from its glittery horn! :)) 

Clearly I am such an amateur.  What should have taken two days to make (including drying time), ended up taking 5 days, for these two racks, because:

1.  I forgot that the thickness of the boards were not the same and used the same-length nails and hammered away.  And then found, horror of horrors, the nails sticking out the back, in a row.  Sigh.  Remove.  Use shorter nails.
2.  The lacquer I used turned the original purple of the rainbow to brown.  Sanded it again, re-painted, re-lacquered.
3.  I started to get a backache around the third day because I was doing all the work on the ground - not a good idea.
4.  The Superman logo did not stand out as much as I wanted it to until I added the plywood backing at the back, outlining the shape of the logo.  Draw outline, cut out of plywood, hammer at the back, mix paint again, paint into the grooves to complete the logo.  In short, more work.
5. I tried mixing all my leftover paint and by doing that, the paint somehow wouldn't spread evenly and I had to paint and re-paint several colours several times.

Somebody shoot me.

But yah.  I love how they turned out anyway.  It looks much better in these pictures, though.  Hahahahahahahahha!

Further notes to self:
1.  When are you ever going to learn to put on gloves so your thumb and finger prints don't disappear altogether from sanding all the itsy bitsy grooves?  Your thumbprint is important!  It's your identity!  Ain't nobody gonna know who you are if you are mysteriously found lying dead in a....

oh.  I guess there's always your DNA.

2.  Re-use the same tee-shirts for messy work since you don't like to wear an apron.  Otherwise you ruin a perfectly good tee.  Sigh.

What do you think? (about the hanger and the doormat, not the tee)


  1. Those are all awesome! Love them...I think I need to start collecting pallets and start creating :) If I lived closer to you, I would just commission you for some pieces!

    1. Theresa, If you lived closer to me, we'd have such a riot making stuff, improving when we don't have the necessary things - like boiling cakes!! hahahahahaha!

  2. Super ideas fr a super lady. Going into painting T-shirts soon? :)

    1. Now there's another idea....I actually have fabric-painted tee-shirts as gifts before :)

  3. Can't wait for your fabric-painted Tees - would be nice to see what witty, retro/mod & artistic designs you will come up with ;)