Monday, October 14, 2013


This cutie pie above belongs to my friend.  She was turning one so I just had to make her something adorable.

As usual, I rummaged through my scrap wood pile...leftovers from other projects, or scraps my favourite paint shop man would sell to me for cheap.

First, get the base done.  Sanded everything till kingdom come as it had to be splinters sticking out here and there.

Then I realized it didn't occur to me I didn't measure if it was big enough for her.  oops.  Okay, find a stuffed toy that I thought might be about her size.                                                                                                                                                

How big is her body....this pillow is about right.  Okay, that'll have to do.

Make the sides...sand sand sand till eternity.

Put them all together....add casters.

Looking good, squeeeeeeeal!......why oh why didn't I do all these when I was a teenager?                                        

Embellishments....metal brackets!

Couldn't decide what colour to paint it....she's not the pink type, red would have been awesome, but ok, a happy yellow it is...with black undertones.

Oh my pigtails!! 

So cute had to take it outdoors somewhere for a photoshoot!

A shot with some flowers....

Add a little laminated nametag....

Here she is! 

Fit her (and Alex the lion) perfectly!!


 So cute I can't stand it.

*Thanks Abigail for some of the above photos!


  1. Well done Val. She is a cutie and the wagon is great, loads of fun will be had in that...

    1. Maxene, looks like it'll be a long time before I can do another project now that I'm working in an office 9 - 6 :(

  2. good job aunty Val! I want a ride too although I suspect it will break at my first attempt! lol! -Sheila

    1. Ya, I didn't have these fun things when I was little...oh but I had trees to climb, and butterfly-netting and guppies to catch from drains. :)

  3. Pure sunshine!!! That wagon is totally meant for Nuri!!! You are so talented and creative, Val. BTW, I'm turning 42 this February - is that enough notice for you to make me something? :)

    1. Thanks, Loi! Well, well, well.....42, how 'bout that? I'm 55! Loving every minute of growing old! Let's think of something!

  4. fantastic, Val, as usual :)
    Nuri is one lucky, cutie pie of a girl!
    whatever will you do next, for halloween?
    can envision an adult-sized version of a wagon ... for treat-a-treating!
    p.s. the stuffed-toy looks like Casper, the ghost! Happy Halloween!

    1. She is such a cutie, you should meet her! Thanks, Pattie!