Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Little DIY Fun (but aren't they all?)

Remember this trolley I made quite a while ago?  It was made completely with recycled wood. You can read about that here

Someone recently ordered one exactly like it, except she wanted it taller, and with three tiers.  Here is the new one in the making.  It is 40 inches tall!  (As I am running out of scrap wood, I had to buy some wood to complete this project.)

The kitchen it is going to is mostly a combination of cream/beige/light brown.  So we decided it needed a pop of colour.  A facebook chat we had went something like this...

Me:  ummm....I've done one coat of paint but I think maybe you'd better come take a look at the orange.  It not only pops, but it.. ummm...kinda... explodes.

Client:  That's cos you're the bomb!

Hahahaha!  Ya, right.

Here's an idea of the size next to the old one (the wheels had not yet been fixed).

When it was done, I had some fun with it...first, imagining it in a kitchen. These two fellas came to play...

Then I imagined it in a garden...

The best thing about it is, it can be used in the kitchen, in a garden, as a bookshelf, as a bar cart...I love that it's so versatile!                                                                                                                                          



  1. HAHAHAHA! Ur mmg da bomb! :)

  2. practical and versatile as the 'creator' ��