Friday, April 9, 2010

F1 Drivers' Dilemma

So a group of us was having lunch when the topic was the Formula 1 race about to take place the next day.

the ear-shattering sound the car makes as it rounds a bend...make sure you wear ear plugs....260km per hour...flameproof overalls, boots...stamina, endurance...

It was all blah blah blah to me. The swirling egg in my kong foo chow blowing kisses at me was more interesting....

At first.

Then PaulV was saying:

the drivers wear diapers...

that,of course, made my drooping ears go

b o i nnnngg!

you mean they don't have pee stops? my eyebrows are looking at him now.

how can you have pee stops if you're in the middle of an F1 race?

but it's just a short race what....why do they even need to pee?

it's a short but very STRESSFUL race....sweat...fluids lost...blah blah..

...he lost me at diapers.

ewwww.. just like a man not to be able to hold it all in. On a long drive, I know some men who wriggle and wiggle and squirm (with such sinuous hip and abdominal movements that would put Shakira to shame. yeah, and Hips Don't Lie.) waiting for the next petrol station, rest area, any building that looks like it has a toilet in it....only to stop at the next


To pee.

Then they give you that Tom Hanks face, the one after he. let. it. all. go. in Green Mile.

In this movie however, he had an acute leaking problem and was relieved he could go without pain after such a long time of suffering. You've got to love that face! especially at 0.32...

I'm glad I'm a woman. No woman will stop at no-tree, no-sir, for no-nothin'. uh-huh. Apart from the fact that we are the more environmentally-friendly gender, we'd rather let everything crystallize inside there, than do something so beneath us. hmmph.

* the writer says that she looked up google to find out what exactly an F1 driver does if he needs to take a leak and there were various theories given...pee in their even pooped apparently...wear a gadget that collects the fluid...wear diapers...they don't pee at the question remains in her mind. are there pee stops during pit stops?

(one Starbucks treat for the best caption for the photo above)


  1. OMG. Never even thought about it. Eeeeewww i can imagine the smell if he doesn't use pampers. Thanks for sharing.
    Hello don't know hw to post this la...Rogayah

  2. EWWWW oh goodnesss... i never knew that or even thought of it!!!

  3. not sure if u know that soil need some nitrates so sometimes one has to stop at some tree to add nitrates.....
    for F1 drivers i dont know laa

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  5. Rogayah anonymous, you posted it just fine...yeah, we learn something new every day..

  6. sarah, then i'm not the only one...

  7. from facebook:

    C M Low 11 April 2010 at 09:15

    I think F1 drivers sweat so much that they actually need more water. LOL

  8. C M Low, apparently there's a gadget inside their helmet that they 'drink' from!

  9. Caption : " Ooops! I did it again!" - I want my starbucks coffee ....

  10. zoe mowie and huda, oh I should have a dateline shouldn't I? then the best caption gets the treat. ok, dateline is 2 weeks from post, so 23rd April..

  11. from facebook: Nya Okon April 12 at 1:02pm
    best caption for the last pic would be Britney Spears' 'Oops i did it again' :)

  12. nya, that's similar to Huda' if it ends up being the best caption, I should take the earlier one? donno....

  13. that's a cool F1 car on the top of the post ...the yellow one : ) .. and here i am .. following your blog from today onwards so you better constantly update ar :D

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  15. dillion, thank you thank you. am trying to post at least once a fortnight but it's real hard work for someone who doesn't know much about computers.

  16. Caption..." do you think anyone noticed? I wonder if it smells funny..." LOL