Sunday, April 25, 2010

You gotta be kidding me! (Part One)

My friend Allison posted on Facebook about this website that lets you find a celebrity that most looks like you.

Ooooooh...this was going to be fahhhhhhhhhn!
HAH! Let's see who they think I look like!

I knew someone had told my daughter Joni, one of the Celebrity Lookalike websites had said she looked like Melanie Thornton, the Pussy Cat Doll.


The website I checked said she closest resembled Beyonce (I think it was a high 90% likeness).
Oooh, I bet my daughter would so like that.

(Cos Joni herself is a singer - don't believe me? Her band, Under Headlights, has so far produced two singles, "Jangan Kau Tiada" and "For Sure". You can check out their website. How creative these people are! But then again, I'm her mother and slightly biased :)
... slightly. But oh so proud of 'em.)
So where was I? Oh.

What do you think?

Yes, I was starting to like this website alright...

It also said Joni looked like Hayden Panittiere. Okay, this is getting interesting...

But I always thought Joni looked a lot like Eva Longoria, y'know? So I got Desperate and looked for photos on my own and matched them:

See the pic below....

Doesn't she, doesn't she?

So cute I can't stand it.

(Who do you think Joni resembles the most?)

Ok, so this was getting to be really fun. And mischievous me just had to, right???

So I took the few shots I have of myself (mind you, close up shots are obviously preferred, so that left me with even fewer options)...

and the very FIRST one was this:

and it said I looked like..



I mean-


His eyes are not like mine!
His nose is far off! literally.
His lips are so much thinner!
and.. and..his wrinkles!
And his EYEBROWS!!


NOW WAIT A MINUTE MISTER.....(I mean the website, not the poor man in the picture that I do not know at all, celebrity or not, and don't care to know. And I don't know if he would be more insulted than I was! Maybe I'll find out where he is and post this to him...)

After the initial shock, I knew they must have done that on purpose, just to whet my vain appetite, y'know? hmmph.

Other suggestions got better...

Zoe Tay

Mandy Moore

So, with my interest thoroughly piqued, I looked for other photos I could use.

Shirley MacLaine

You have to google your own celebrity lookalike website cos I had great difficulty downloading these photos from different ones. And then I forgot where I got what from....but for starters you can try

Again, be sure your photo is a large close up, preferably of you alone, not standing with another person. I discovered that the hard way.....

Ozzy Osbourne

They were saying that the kids' hot air balloon craft resembled Ozzy Osbourne! hahahahaha!

How do I know they were not referring to me? Cos they said in this photo, I looked like

...............................................................................................................................Perez Musharraf - 57%

=.= sigh.

Who needs to look like a celebrity anyway?
Aren't we all uniquely beautiful? wink wink.

1. The winner for the caption for the F1 Driver's Dilemma post dated April 9th, 2010
is Huda with her caption "Oops. I did it again!"

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  1. Cute one val. I am a follower but I still don't know how to sign up as a follower and I know I am always one of the first to read the blog.

  2. O Em Gee An. Val! Is Joni getting paid for this? hahaha.

  3. It's addictive, isn't it?! Find another photo and check, find another photo and check, find ANOTHER photo...can't...stop...

    And don't worry about looking like Ozzy Osbourne. They said the same thing about me. :P

  4. huda, thanks for being an unfollowered follower. as soon as i figure it out myself,(haha!) i will give step by step directions probably in the next post.

  5. sarah, hah! she should be paying me especially if some modelling talent agent sees her, no? actually, she's the one I have most close up photos of...

  6. allison, actually they said the hot air balloon craft looked like ozzy and i looked like that perez fella. sigh.

  7. copied from facebook:

    Pam Hendroff
    loved reading this! Had a good laugh too. You so the funny lah!!!

    pam, i myself laughed so much over this, i nearly did an F1 (pee in my pants..refer previous post) hahahahahaha!

  8. aunty Val - so funny la. Thot i gave u the F1 caption...mayb i was dreaming :) Or great minds think alike ;);)

  9. nya, yes you gave the same caption as huda! i mentioned that in the F1 comment post, and that i had to take the one that came in earlier. anyway, you come over and we'll do Starbucks or KFC or Nando Perry's or Chicken Curry or....

    Just take a flight Out of Africa and come! (how's that cute, rich boyfriend of yours doing?)

  10. Aunty Val... i just love reading your blog!! :D
    n yea, i tried the web few years back.. no pictures come up.. :(
    but yea, will try it again. soon. :)
    oh oh oh oh... both u n Joni looks gorgeous in all the pictures!! :D

  11. gabbbbbyyy, thank you, thank you! send me a few close-ups of you and I will be your website! cos that's what i did for joni's eva longoria pics - matched them myself...they were not from any website.