Thursday, January 20, 2011


Short note: Just to let you know that there was a problem with blogspot for a couple of weeks and that I could not receive comments sent in. Before I could figure out what to do, the problem fixed itself. But the comments got lost in the process. Hope everything is ok now.

So yah, where was I? Talking about birthdays. I am not much into them. But my kids (I think Joni started it) thought they should make my 50th a big do.

In case you're thinking that was last week, it wasn't. I am only now blogging about the party cos I thought I should save the memory before it goes.

They even had a theme for it. Like a Grammy Awards Night. I was told little.

I received a call - "Mum, quick! Silver or gold?" So I said, "Gold".
(I thought they were talking decorations - turns out I had just chosen the colour we were all supposed to wear! Or we were to wear something to do with stars - some interpreted that as the ones in the sky)

Partners-in-crime, Tammy my youngest, and Joni my eldest..

I was asked for a guest list. Which went longer and longer like my twice-a-month grocery list so it had to be cut down. My only specification was: NO PRESENTS. But - what I really wanted instead was for my friends to do a song, dance or skit. Anything that would make the night memorable! And what a night it was!

Here'ss what welcomed us into the multi-purpose hall (we were staying in an apartment at that time)..

The stage was an area cordoned off with black tape - a brilliant idea!

On the walls were several hand-painted mock frames with photos of ahem birthday girl through the years...

Even the floor tiles were decorated with golden stars where names of celebrities were written..

Ummm....that's my son, Darren (D.O.N.'T ask)..

Here's where guests signed in as they arrived....that's my brilliant Korean ex-student, Isabelle
(I will blog about her one day).

Umm...the birthday girl. ahem. Yes, that's golden glitter in her hair.

I loved that the whole affair was casual so we could all let our hair down....

The M.C. for the night was Darren. Honestly, sometimes I think my children were just born to be on stage...

He wrote a song for me (altogether now: awwwww..).
But for some reason I can only remember one line that went something like "though you sometimes get on my nerves..." (altogether take back that awwwwww).

And let our hair down we did. Here are some of the older f*rts having fun:

Jessie and Sharmini

My husband Paul, and Eng Hoe our longtime friend - we've known each other since ...oh...the Jurassic Era...(Eng Hoe has the kind of smile that looks like it will just crack his face in two)

Paul, Eng Hoe and Franklin

This guy, who came as The Joker, sang a song with Tammy, my youngest...(that's Josh, can you guess?!)

This group plonked me down on a chair and made me watch their medley of golden years songs...

This was their starting pose (that's me, bracing myself -you'd close your eyes too, knowing the kind of things these guys could come up with...)

"You're just too good to be true
Can't take my eyes off of you...."

It gets worse....
It really does.....

My friends from New Zealand, Tony and Maria, doing a number...

Here are Koreans singing a Korean song! (the one on the right is my ex-boss and the one on the left was my student, a Jackie Chan look-alike. He's actually been stopped on the street for an autograph...)


He's a terribly shy person so I was exceptionally touched that he actually belted out a Korean pop song for me!!

Even my Japanese student sang, "Sukiyaki" in Japanese. She insisted I back her up!

"The charms of Sukiyaki
The arms of Sukiyaki
Are all I long for
Since I left for Nagasaki
Why did I roam
Far away from home
But I know that she will wait for me..."

Those are the lyrics. Reeeeally!!

An item performed by some very talented guys that involved beatboxing and thigh-slapping.
(By the way, all except one of these guys are still single and available)...

Nya from Nigeria (in all her golden head-to-toe glory) did a dance while Fudge from Zimbabwe

At some point of the night, I decided to kick off my shoes..

And let 'em have it! (actually, st*pid shoes were mad ill-fitting)

Val: My ex-boyfriend told me one day that I couldn't sing.
That's why he's my EX-boyfriend.

There were games where props were given and participants had to let their imagination go wild..

I think this was a house-fly?

Heard of a ham sandwich? I think this was a samwich.

Food, except for some pizza, was all home-made by the Lims...

Look at that glorious grin by Sin Yee when she sees food.

My Indonesian friend Gaby with another glorious grin (her favourite slogan? "what's yummy goes to tummy")..

Chief cook, Sarah Lim (you're the sweetest!).. that the pizza you bought, in your hand?!

Home-made carrot cheese cake by the Lims (there were three in all - and yes, were is the correct tense cos they were missing by the end of the night)

An assortment of guests..

My Chinese son, Kevin (this one I 'adopted' whether he wanted to be or not). And my Botswanian son, Boago (this one adopted me as his mother whether I wanted to be or not)..

Yes, it was truly a Grammy night to remember.

Can't wait for my 60th :)

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  1. hahahaha Val .. it must have been a bomb of a night. Can already 'feel' the energy (and you had the very best of ppl to grace your big night too!) But wow .. what a great memory and privilege to have yr 50th go in such a bang! Love it!And you are right about your family all born to be on stage .. (50th= spikey hair; er .. 60th = ?)

  2. Sigh .. I missed such a great party ... hopefully the 60th will be greater ... and I can be there ...

  3. aww so nice aunty vval !!
    so sad i missed it :(


  4. You are so lucky to have friends and family who would go to great lengths to cook and perform for you. My birthdays are real quiet ones , uneventful.

  5. Andrew, too bad we weren't in touch then. but then again, my grocery list - remember? 60th? if I'm balding now....

    Huda - YES!! you really should have been there. But then again, I never expected this.

    Pam - these make for great memories, don't they? My best birthday ever.

    Oli - we can make your next birthday...umm..eventful?! Never too late lah.

  6. from facebook, 20th January 2011

    Hanny Ismail
    I have a few comments on your latest blog entry:
    1. You don't look like you are 50 at all. Are you on thick make up at all time? ;)
    2. I envy you for such a grand bday celebration..and you are the 1st lady I met who look forward to celebrate... her 60th bday..Most women are in denial..heheh..(including ahem..ahem..;p)
    3. Loving kids you have..I hope I'll grow "up" (not old ya?) being one sporting mom with sporting kids to celebrate my birthday with...
    Last but not least..happy belated bday Val.. hope it's not too late to wish you and keep up the good humor in your blog as it makes ppl smiling when reading them! :)

  7. Hanny:
    1. If grand functions, I twist my daughters' arms to do (not thick) make up for me. But this function did not. Wait, wait, I must learn how to photoshop..then, BRING IT ON!!
    2. Better to LIVE IT UP than live in denial. But my daughters say I do the latter (just cos I want to buy knee-high boots...wha-?
    3. Yes, my kids are sporting. But don't misread this as all fine and dandy. We have bad seasons...
    4. Thanks! (have you signed up as a follower?) This party was ummmm...quite.some.time.ago. HAHAHAHAHAHa!

  8. from facebook, 21st January 2011
    Thelma Lim - Am posting my comment here as I can't seem to fwd it in your blog : Awesome celebration - you have such a loving and sporting family and equally sporting friends! Wish the CPR gals had linked up earlier - then we would have surely have had a BALL celebrating all our 50th birthdays! Vavavoom ... cant' wait to see your 60th ...

  9. oh no, thelma, are we having problems with blogspot again? yes, it really is too bad we missed celebrating all our 50ths together. but what about our 60ths?? bet we can still rock it!!

  10. from facebook, January 21st:

    Jessie Morais
    u flers really know how to have fun in unthinkable ways.

  11. Jessie, ya lah, at my age, I have to live it up!
    ("at my age, I need all the preservatives I can get").

  12. That's because she married "Who" you know.
    I didn't have a big bash like hers (poor husband)but nevermind lah...the important thing is we ALL had fun. I truly enjoyed the occasion and they really made it memorable. I'm glad to have married her.Whatever she does,I get to enjoy also(same bandwagon mah!!)

  13. What a great party, you're a lucky girl! Sorry, have been away and missed your post needing help about comments, glad it's sorted out. And you're right, your kids were born to be on the stage!

  14. Allycat, thanks so much. Yes, really enjoyed the party.
    I meant for you to test out the comments section as I don't seem to receive everyone's. But yours came through, woo hoo!! Thelma having problems with getting hers through.

  15. eek, Jaron, it came through. ummm...thanks?

  16. testing..1..2..and 3...

    Is it working?!?

    Btw, this is what u were talking about. I was wondering why u were saying that u wrote a blog abt ur 50th birthday (which is like ages ago!) LOL...

  17. kevin, NOW it's working again it seems? maybe the PEOPLE were not working :) aiyoh.
    But i am still thinking of changing to
    Wordpress. just don't know how.
    and you are so in trouble for saying my 50th was ages ago.

  18. Woooow...looks like u had a really memorable 50th celebration. Indeed blessed with such creative kids/friends...
    Looks like you're 'rocking' into the 50s man...!!

  19. miss that nite! it was 1 of the best bday parties i've been to, esp 1 for the 50th! totally inspired me to have a cool one for my granma (not to say u r granma already aunt val :P )

  20. HeR$heYs, wow, glad you enjoyed yourself that night! I don't have a problem if people were to think I'm a grandma...I CAN'T wait!!

  21. jeannette, "rocking into the 50's"...hmm...sometimes it sure feels like "ploughing".

  22. from facebook
    Pam Hendroff January 25 at 11:53am
    i have been reading your blog & have been enjoying all your recordings - you're so funny!!!! :-)))))))))))))))

    Thanks, Pam! Isn't it great to be in touch this way. No traffic jam involved (if we want to meet and catch up). hahhaa!

  23. from facebook:
    Patricia Lee January 25 at 12:44pm Reply • Report
    Hi Val,
    Love your blogs, all of them. Thanks.

    Awww, you're so sweet, Pat. Thanks!

  24. from gmail, Chiang Siew Lee, 22nd Feb 2011

    I clicked on the link to your blogspot and turned green with envy, no less. What a memorable birthday party and imagine the efforts put in by your family and your international friends.

    Thanks Siew Lee, for reading my blog despite your terribly busy schedule. So honoured.

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