Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Look

Finally, I have a picture of my very own for my blog header. The earlier, gorgeous one -

was taken from Google, if I remember correctly (obviously taken by professionals). This new one up there is a photo we took while on holiday in New Zealand, in April of this year (we're not professionals but the picture is beautiful anyway).

In case you wondered why this blogspot name is tree-shades, well, I wanted a name that had something to do with trees (the actual name for the blog is Walk with Me, but we couldn't get that header in earlier on, no matter what we tried).

(New Zealand 2011)

You did wonder why my blogspot had such a strange name, didn't you?

Didn't you?
(cue sound of a cow mooing in the far distance beyond the hills...)

However, whichever name Tammy my daughter, tried to register my blog with, like "Under the Shade of a Tree", "Sitting Under a Tree" etc, it was somehow taken I had to settle for tree-shades (planted a hyphen right in the middle so nobody could possibly have a similar name). And , that, dear folks, is how this odd name came about.

See? I knew you'd find that interesting....(above mentioned cow in the far distance beyond the hills just mooooved away)

I loooove trees...we just kinda blend together. Can you see?

(NZ 2011)

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that my growing up years were spent
- climbing trees
- building tree houses
- picking pink water jambu, bananas, papayas, mangosteens and rambutans from trees in our backyard or in the neighbourhood.

The house we grew up in was a humongous government house, with a very large garden in front, and another at the back.
And a lot of our time (I have two sisters and three brothers)...

(Freeman Road, Kuala Lumpur, maybe 1967)

....was spent outdoors
- using nets to catch butterflies from the hedges around our house
- scooping up tadpoles and colourful guppies from the drains
- trapping birds with a propped up cardboard box, long string trailing up to our hand, awaiting our victim
- collecting grasshoppers in glass jars with holes pierced through the lid
- playing 'rounders' with a broken wooden beam
- catching and making spiders 'fight' each other on top of matchboxes...

(what? you didn't do all that when you were young?)

So I think being among trees calms me. See how calm I am (in the middle) leaning against a tree?

Oh, wait...that's not a tree. That's my husband.
Ok, but you get my point...
- strong
- stalwart
- dependable
(yes, yes, our anniversary is coming and yes, yes, I'll be happy with just chocolateS, dear. Muak! and don't think I don't know you are reading all my blog posts. And do read this one carefully. I did not say I wanted a tree..) Why do I get the feeling I'm barking up the wrong tree? Tsk.

Really, I love trees so much that if you ever discover an unnamed tree, name it after me! Maybe Pithecellobium Valerenia.

(NZ, 2011)

I came across a beautiful quote on trees:

We can learn a lot from trees: they're always grounded but never stop reaching heavenward. - Everett Mamor

Why wouldn't they? It's natural instinct for Creation (including you and me) to reach heavenward towards the Creator. I can't imagine otherwise!

And I found beautiful trees posing with my daughters.
I mean, my beautiful daughters posing with trees.
My beautiful daughters posing with beautiful trees.
Ok, it's correct now.

(Joni, Singapore 2010)

(Tammy, NZ 2011)


Got a caption for my Hero up there? I mean, in there? sighhhhhh....

I might share my much-anticipated chocolates (Cadburybarwithhazelnutsoralmondsplease thankyou) with you.

Nehhhhhhh. Not likely.


  1. Yup you got my support

  2. I like this ... subtly (correct spelling?) Uncle Paul kena again .. but I am sure he doesnt mind it .. after all he likes you around/on/beside/etc etc him .... ^_-
    Lovely pictures too ....

  3. What can I say .. Val you are simply 'tree-rific' .. putting down your memories into interesting reads .. time to 'branch' out and take advantage of a growing readership ( advertiserS watch out . yOU Are doiOing a great job eh!!Kudos!
    And Paul.. make that a double chocolate for the lady.(how did you get into that tree?? ..wat a tree- mendous feat indeed)lol

  4. Anonymous...thank you. If ever I start a "DON'T KILL OUR TREES!" campaign or something I will be sure to call you for the support. Oh wait, you're anonymous. hmmmm...

  5. Huda....he loves being featured on my blog, trust me. Thank you, I love the pictures, too. I think none taken by me, hahahahah! All by my kids..

  6. Andrew...awww, thanks so much, you're such an encouragement. Advertisers? For what?
    Getting into the tree was not a problem, it was getting out of it. Lemme look for the photos...hahaha!

  7. from facebook, 1st September 2011:

    Good to catch up with you and Paul on your blog. Interesting and funny.
    Best regards,
    Sylvester Fong

    Hey, Sylvester! Thanks! And it's great that you guys are on fb, too!

  8. from facebook, 30th August 2011:

    Victor Yee
    HI Valerene, Nice blog. Surprise Naga haven't changed much. Trust you guys are doing well!

    Hey Victor

    Yep, we're ok. Great to be in touch again, and thanks.

  9. from facebook, 31st August 2011:

    Joanne Aarathi
    hahahaha....that was funny, cute....
    I liked da part wen u said 'Oh, wait...that's not a tree. That's my husband'...hahahahaha

    Hey Aarathi
    Have you seen your pahti's photos in the previous blog post? hahahahahaha!

  10. Love your blog. Love them trees too :-)

  11. Esther, my personal nurse - I only eat chocs on special occasions!!

    Carol - yay! We shall start a WeLoveTrees Club!

  12. OMG, i loveeeee trees as well. Whenever we are driving outstation i would be looking at all the trees. Yup, had loads of fun climbing trees and playing rounders. aahhhh..:)

  13. I think the blog header is beautiful, love trees too! p/s would you mind taking away the word verification so its easier for people to leave comments? - just a thought :)

  14. Oli, yay! We shall become Tree's so sad kids nowadays don't get to do much of these things - climbing trees, making tree houses...

  15. Allycat, will do (read that as, "TAMMMMMY! How in the world do I take away the word verification so it's easier for people to leave comments?). Oh, and thanks :)