Monday, September 19, 2011

Beauty in your Trash

Here's a wooden high chair that my tuition kid's mother was throwing out! Wha- ?
Like a wet kitten stuck in a deep monsoon drain, I rescued it immediately.

It only had one flaw, but I didn't care. I could see its potential!

I painted it yellow. Yellow makes me happy. (I even painted my kitchen walls yellow - the shade was called Jovial!)

But I wasn't happy with the shade of yellow the paint shop had. I wanted something more mustard-yellow. No worries, it'll get fixed somehow.

I sanded to distress it - with an electric sander
which vibrates so badly you feel you've been
de-fragmented when you're done using it.

Then I used wood stain to stain it.
Now I was happy with the colour.

But still not happy-happy, you know? I wanted a second tier.

I had, some time earlier on, collected a thingy I found cast away under a tree (really! the things people throw away!)

Is this a headboard for a child's bed, or the railing of a cot, perhaps?

I knocked off the slats...

And nailed them to make my second tier.
And painted, sanded, distressed and wood stained the new tier.

Moral of this story: What's trash to someone is treasure to another.

Please don't throw things like this away! Call me. I'll come to their rescue.

I may not be faster than a speeding bullet
... or more powerful than a locomotive
... or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
... I certainly do not wear blue onesies with red underwear on the outside

... but I can drive.

So how cute is this?

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  1. from chat, facebook, because Pam Hendroff says she doesn't know how to put a comment here....hahaah!

    i loved your new blog
    can you make me look good too - sandpaper me, paint me & do a makeover! - Pam Hendroff

    That one my daughter does...check out I only deal with trash. hehh heh...

  2. can't wait to see your place with all the new 'old' things ...

  3. Huda, just little changes here and there. One day, I shall be a full-time DIY-er!

  4. Love your new blog, very pleasing on the eye. Wow, you really are a deft hand at DIY, so much talent-lah. So nice that you can make something so pretty from the little wooden chair. I'm totally impressed!

  5. Allycat, I am an amateur at DIY! But am enjoying it...wonder if I should start a separate blog on my DIY projects....

  6. awhh, it's lovely.

    If you leave near any university, each semester when ppl clears out of the hostel, i'm sure you'll find quite alot of treasure along the corridors. I know, coz i had contributed to the corridor too =P

  7. Small-Boar! you're still around! I wondered cos you were really quiet.....ooooo, I'll check out university corridors..hahahaha!

  8. Very clever! How do you "repaint" wood? What kind of paint do you need to use?

  9. Joanne, I forgot to reply to this comment! I usually use gloss paint (oil-based)for wood, but of late, found that using emulsion (water-based) is not a problem. But I use wood-varnish as the last coat to hopefully protect everything somewhat longer.