Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beauty Around You

It all started with this picture someone posted on facebook.

Blue Sea Slug
See more pics here:

I had never seen such a creature before!  It totally stunned me.  At first, I even wondered if it was a hoax, until I looked up more pictures on it.  So very unusual!

So, because my camera is in a pretty bad state and my own pictures for a blog post are on hold I started googling for more stunning pictures of creatures and creation.

Look at the colours, look!  Unbelievable!

Rainbow Lorikeet

Taiwan Blue Magpie (Urocissa caerulea) 
from Worldwide Collection's photos (http://www.facebook.com/WorldwideCollection)

Mandarin Fish

Stunning details!

Yankee Wood Duck

Paua Shell

Glasswing Butterfly

"This is a cross section of a single blade of grass, stained for the microscope. The smiley faces are the channels that the water is drawn up through. It was taken at an EM lab."

The variety of patterns, shapes, textures....

Dragon's Blood Tree, Yemen

Fried Egg Jellyfish

credit:  zooborns.com

The sheer delight of some!


The comic in others..

credit:  Winston Jansen

The magnitude and splendour!

Morning Glory Pool, Yellowstone National Park by David Fulmer

Don't you wonder what's in that hole?  Look at it again....


 Chichen Itza, Mexico 


Marble Caves, Chile


Doesn't the purposefully-designed piece of each work make you wonder about the designer behind such beauty?  I have!

I remember as a young girl, I was lying flat on my back on the private road in front of our government bungalow. I was just staring and staring up at the expanse of the sky that morning, totally awestruck.  I'd wondered if clouds could be touched, how they would feel.  I'd wondered if I could fly straight up all the way beyond the clouds, what I would find there.  I'd wondered just how big the whole universe beyond it was....how much farther would it go? 

Have you ever wondered about those things, too?


Only You.

Thank You for this Beauty around us.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands"  NIV, Psalm 19:1

Disclaimer:  all pictures were googled and the writer has tried very hard to find the original source of them, to give due credit.  However, she could not as many were re-posted from elsewhere.  If you can teach her how to, she would very much appreciate it.


  1. Such a nice read; with unbelievably beautiful pics. Especially liked the little smiley faces.. lol! The paragraph on when you were a young girl struck a chord - I used to cloud-watch too (& still do so today) - also love eyeing the moon & stars at night.
    I've always wondered about all these marvels every day; not just the 'big' things, but the 'little' things too! Yes, the world is a beautiful place indeed.

    1. Hey,Thelma - did you also wonder why the moon was 'following' you as your Dad drove the car at night? Hahaha! That one got me baffled all the time!

    2. Good read, awesome pics, Val not to mention the vibrant colours. Stunning! So much beauty around us on planet earth .....I too had a similar feeling about the clouds and sky.. did you ever notice that the clouds are always in the shape of something, a bear or side profile of person, its always like the sky was a huge drawing board and would want ask what has God drawn for me today? haha! Yes the moon thingy too, lol!

    3. Jane, hahaha! I knew I was not alone! And yes, I still look out for cloud-shapes...

  2. DRAGON'S BLOOD TREE, YEMEN goes very well with your blogpost..."tree-shades"
    The picture you put up is splendid. Yes, it makes me think how wonderfully and beautifully we are made. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Thanks, Anonymous. That tree is unbelievable! It has red blood-like sap which I forgot to mention!

  3. So So cool:D!
    my fav is still the blue sea slug.
    and the morning glory pool!

    1. Jared! Hahaha, betcha you like the sea slug cos it looks like something out of Starwars or something...but yeah, isn't this world amazing?

  4. These are amazing God is unbelievable...

    1. Isn't He now! Thanks for your comment, Maxene!