Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Every Household Should Own One

This video was taken in New Zealand in April 2011, in the backyard of our friend Tony Willis' house.  Person singing (yours truly, then 53, and I'm not talking weight) is the one bouncing on the trampoline. Yes, some people can multi-task :)

Voices in the background are:

1.  my daughter Tammy, then 17,
     who couldn't believe we had had a
     trampoline in my school, back in the day:  "Mummy, you're gonna fall!"

2.  my husband Paul, then 54,
     and I'm not talking weight:                       "Flip Baby, flip!"

3.  our friend Tony, then on homeground:      "Don't flip!"

I seriously think every household should own one.  It's SO FUN!  And if you're afraid your kids (or Mummy) will topple off, they even have trampolines that are inground.  Here's a picture:


You just have to dig a hole for it. 

Let's see...
if you start digging now, you might be in time to give yourself this gift in the New Year.

See how much useful information I provide?  Now you're wishing you had a trampoline, aren't you?


  1. Totally agree Aunty Val, we had a huge octagon-shaped one when we were growing up and spent so many hours on it. We begged dad to put it by the tree so we could jump from the tree onto it, and used to get all the neighbourhood kids on it to try and touch the ground - our family has so many great memories with the trampoline. we had ours for about 21 years and last year our parents gave ours to our neighbours who have young kids. There were about 6 of us carrying this trampoline down the road.. So many good times - and great exercise too!

    1. Maria, that is SO COOL! It's not that common to have a trampoline around here, let alone in your own garden. sigh.

  2. I so agree!! Trampoline is a must in every house n i love the idea of the planted one though it didn't give you that 'flying' feel :)

    1. Gaby, can try putting one in your apartment and rent out to fellow-students per hour?? hehahaaaa!

  3. From facebook, Oct 24th:

    Thank you Aunty Valerene. This sounds like so much fun if my mom agrees to it and NOT yell at me first. U can ask my brother Alex Yeap. He will agree that this would create havoc rather than fun. :P Yeap Yu Siang

    1. Aww, too bad YYSiang....definitely get one when you have your own house... :)

  4. From facebook, Oct 24th:

    This is great, my in law has this but the one on the ground isnt so practical... a lot of work if its flooded.

  5. Marie Ng(sorry left out your name by accident!), I read about the sunken one possibly getting flooded - do they not have some kind of plastic shield for rainy days? Some swimming pools actually have aluminium seals that roll across the pool to cover them.

  6. From facebook, Oct 24th.

    I sold mine a long time ago.
    Allana Yap Chew Lan


    Space constraints.

  7. From facebook, Oct 26th.

    This looks like so much fun! I wanna jump on a trampoline too! :-(

    Priscilla ST

  8. Priscilla - so make sure the house you buy has a big garden, eh?

  9. How fun!! If I had one, I'd never want to go inside, or do any gardening outside :)

    1. Loi Thai - ISN'T it? You can still get one, you know...hahaha!