Saturday, March 24, 2012

Starbucks Giveaway

So I received a prize for a game played at a wedding reception. It was 80 ringgit worth of vouchers to be spent at Starbucks!
Pretty cool, right? It's always fun to receive a prize! But I’m watching my weight it was way too much of a blessing for me to spend on myself. After taking a girlfriend out (we used up 20 ringgit), I still had 60 ringgit worth left. The best part is, the expiry date is March 2013.

And I've decided to give it to you! You guys are amazing for reading my humble blog and for commenting which often makes me have a good laugh. You will recall I love giving out gifts occasionally on this blog. I gave away pouches to all my signed-up followers once...(click on the purple to see the blog post):

and a rainbow wooden slat doormat, a DIY project I made...

So here's the prize; 60 ringgit worth of Starbucks vouchers. All you have to do is guess what this picture is!

How much simpler can it be? I am sure there'll be many correct answers so I'll put all the names (of the readers who give correct answers) in a tin and I'll just draw one out.

1. Anybody reading this can take part, but sorry, the vouchers are only valid in Malaysia. Overseas readers can still take part but you'll have to give away your vouchers or make a trip here to use them! See, you have a year to make a trip!
2. Only one answer, please. Multiple answers (eg. it looks like a trunk or roots of a tree - that's two answers) will be disqualified.
3. Last answer to be accepted will be on 31st March 2012, midnight, Malaysian time.
4. Immediate family members of mine are not allowed to take part. That's because other competitions say that, so I'm saying it too, 'cos it makes it all sound so official, yes?
5. The winner will be notified first week of April through this blog. Please make sure you can be contacted.
6. Sorry, no answers will be accepted through facebook, email or phone responses. Leave your answer only in the comment section below.

UPDATE: You can send in three separate entries. After the first few answers I received, I thought I should help a little. Here's a clue: it is not something found indoors.

2. A second clue since no one's got it right yet! It's a body part.
3. A third clue - it's a body part of a large animal sculpture! (and look at it at various angles!)

So many clues already!!

Don't forget, closing date: 31st March 2012

Ok, I'm done.


  1. Uncle Paul's handmade pencil mug pottery!

  2. Ceramic flower pot

  3. hey all, I have updated a note at the bottom of the blog post, where I've given you a clue to help you since no one has got it right yet. you can also try again with 2 more tries.

  4. Giraffe's necklace ... lol!

  5. flower pot painted yellow??

  6. Stem of an artificial plant!

  7. Can I take part now?

  8. Dragon's neck?

  9. 1. wrinkles on an elephant's trunk
    2. skin folds on an elephant's leg
    3. skin folds on a hippopotamus


  10. Looks like a connecting part in those "rocking horse" kind of things in playgrounds that children sit on and rock themselves in all sorts of directions ? It's got a spring underneath the structure to facilitate movement? :)

  11. I would guess...
    1 - Elephant leg
    2 - Elephant trunk
    3 - A giant replica of a wood grub

  12. 1. Elephant (trunk)
    2. Water buffalo (body)
    3. Dairy cow (body)

    1. Eh wait, I wanna amend my answers!

      2. Caterpillar (body)
      3. Snake (body)

  13. 1) neck of a giraffe 2) leg of a horse, 3)leg of a dog?

  14. Giraffe's eyelashes~~~


  15. Replies
    1. the bottom (neck/tummy) of a T-rex

  16. I think it's a caterpillar.

  17. The underside of a T-rex sculpture.

  18. Sorry, but if you send in more than 3 guesses, all of your guesses will not be in the draw. Not even amended ones, Normz! :)

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  20. My 3rd and last guess :
    Torso of dinosaur!

  21. 1. skin fold of a hippo
    2. skin fold of a dinosaur
    3. feet of an ostrich