Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank You!

Since I started this blog at the beginning of this year, I've been learning much....

1. about myself - the blog has actually become a kind of journal about what's going on in my life. It will serve as a great read for me in my later years when memory starts to fail....(ummm...make that in the near future.)

2. technically - I've learnt how to take better photos (still learning), how to upload them here, how to upload videos, how to actually even post a blog entry. All this, I did not know how to do before this year. (see how I've taken a close-up of the fabric above, where you can actually see the texture? Well, I couldn't do that excited!)

3. about the blogworld out there - I've actually become blog pals with a number of people I would not have known otherwise had I not started blogging. I am amazed when a total stranger writes a comment or signs up as a follower and am so touched by that.

4. about people - the many kinds out there. Some are too shy to leave a comment, afraid their English is not good enough (I have Thai, African, Indonesian, Indian readers apart from American, Australian and local readers), some faithfully leave comments because they are amazing encouragers and cool like that. And quite a number are very much like me (phew!) before I learnt all the above...they want to sign up as a follower or leave a comment but don't know how to. And I appreciate that problem! I still appreciate you! So even if you just leave a comment on facebook, I cut and paste it on the blog comment section so they're all in one place. And I try to reply each one.

5. there will always be people who are the pooh-pooh kind, the naysayers, the you-have-too-much-time-on-your-hands kind. But my dear, dear friends, if your life is only about work and doing 'useful' things as you see it, and if you do not have an activity that is simply fun or relaxing, I would be concerned for you...

Because I was so un-enlightened technically (camera, computer), there were many times I wanted to give up. It takes me a long time to actually post an entry because I keep making mistakes - pictures too dark or too small, not knowing how to make adjustments (even to just correct a date that was in the draft!), the words sometimes jumped all over the place after I published an entry and I had to re-do it (though it was fine at draft-time). AND you have to put up with comments from people who think you are doing an activity or going some place just because you want to blog about it! Good heavens.

But readers have personally told me I cheered them up on a blue day, a post touched their heart, or a post made them recall a good memory....and if this blog only gives you a chuckle (like the Just for Laughs section of the Readers Digest, or the comic strip in your newspaper), then I am the one who is blessed.

This blog also keeps me in touch with pals from school days, and friends/relatives who are overseas. And in traffic jammy Kuala Lumpur where it is hard to come together with everyone living busy lives, I am able to still stay connected. Blogs help us share ideas (how to paint ahem...a toilet wall!), recipes, projects, information. In fact, this blog has been therapeutic for me. By disciplining myself to keep it going and not give up, I have found it speaks a lot about me, and to me. Many times I have wanted to simply rant about political and religious views but feel that would serve a different purpose. Maybe in a different blog!

So why have there been random pictures when today's entry is about blogging? Well, I mentioned in my July 10th, 2010 post:

Please also remember to sign up as a follower, cos somethin's comin' up!

The "somethin's comin' up" :

I wanted to appreciate my signed-up followers by giving each of you a little gift. (The original idea was to make them, but that's not happening..sigh.)

See those floral pouches that have been popping up in the photos? They are the prettiest things! (I had to get some that were not so girlie for my guy followers..hence, the striped ones were added.) You can use them as a purse, a traveller's pouch, a toiletry bag, a make-up case, a stationery pouch, a hold-it-all. I am mailing one to each of you, just to appreciate you.

For those of you I may meet in person, I will hand it to you. For the rest of you, please send me your address and I will mail it to you. Unfortunately, I can't give them to all my readers as I don't know who you actually are, if you haven't signed up as a follower, though I think there are about 150 of you each post (not sure about that). This gift is for the 36 precious ones who are signed up followers (two of you signed up twice accidentally. sorry, you get one!) You get to pick the one you want as long as I still have it (just let me know if you want the Sea Splendour, Beach Beauty, Tropical Glory or Marine Liner). They are about 8inches by 5inches,, you can't have the shoes, skirt or dress.

To all my followers, readers and those who have been leaving comments on facebook, emails or on the blog entry itself, thank you! I have as much fun reading your comments as I have writing a post each time. I really appreciate your responses! Have a happy weekend!

1. Sea Splendour

2. Beach Beauty

3. Tropical Glory

4. Marine Liner

p/s if you're reading my blog, do sign up as a follower if you haven't already (a pouch can come your way if I still have some left over). C'mon, don't be shy. And leave a comment here cos I love to read your comments. They will not appear immediately but they will come to me first, then I have to 'publish' them. And I do try to reply every comment, too. If you read "this comment has been removed", it is not because I didn't like it, but I sometimes mistakenly published the same one twice, so I removed the extra one.


  1. Yay I'm the first to comment for once!! I really do wanna say that reading your blog (when I get around to it) has been fun for me. I enjoy your light style and I can sooo imagine you in front of me having a chat about it and that means you are doing a great job! (if the reader can imagine the writer talking - like a letter, but not quite) I've been blessed and I will still read even when I get back to NZ!! God bless you Dahlink!!

  2. Hallo, hallo!
    At first I thought you were also morphing into an 'Online Shopping' catalogue ; and YES the little skirts and blue top do look positively charming - then I was taken aback when you mentioned that the 'random' photos were actually from the set of pouches to be given out! Wicked!
    Readers are already blessed whenever they read your blog; and getting a 'thank you' gift from YOU is an added BONUS! Whatever will you think up next? (Psst...Christmas is just around the!)
    Cheers dear gal - you never fail to turn a dreary day into a sunny one! Thanks again!

  3. Yay, Tony, a favourite person ever-ready with an encouraging word! I am SO gonna miss you as you head back. ummm...would you prefer the floral pouch for Alice, or the striped for yourself? <3

  4. pattieboo, Christmas IS around the corner, oh no! I have an overwhelming need to paint a wall! Thanks for all your encouragement...which pouch did you pick - tell me on facebook, ok?

  5. from facebook: 30th Sept 2010
    Patricia Lee - I've read all your blogs and they have been such fun and therapeutic is the right word. Keep doing what you like. P/s don't know how to be a follower so won't attempt to do so.

    reply from Valerene Matthews - HAHAHAHAHa! so YOU'RE one of us still struggling in computer land....thanks, Pat. And I shall cut and paste this comment on my blog!

  6. Just like Pattiepoo i thought you were going to say you are now branching into online shopping. I am glad that at this age when our children are ashamed that we too have a facebook account and getting irritated with us for to post a photo that you have done it...started a blog, learn to post photos, have a following and has more friends on FB than me... lol
    at the same time enjoying writing blogs and sharing your work for us to enjoy as well.
    Way to go Val!! Happy Birthday again

  7. Haha...aunty Val, at first your post sounded like it was gonna be your last post and you were saying goodbye cos I've read a few blogs whereby the blogger was deciding to "close shop" and was writing his/her last post and yours sounded like their final posts on what they learnt while bloggings, the pros and cons etc.

    I also thought the pouches were part of one of your current art projects that you were working on.

    Anyways keep up the good work, it makes me chuckle when I read your posts.


  8. sheila, thanks for being a faithful reader and encourager. It means a lot to me. :)

  9. oli, oh dear...see how your comment jumped up there when I published it? still donno what i'm doing wrong. thanks, sweetie and so glad we're in touch again after so many years!

  10. ur blog has always been a pleasant and funny-bone-tickling read. keep it up! Happy birthday :)

  11. HAHA...i thought ure promoting for Anyway, wow..this is a shock. I thought on a birthday, ure suppose to be receiver of gifts. But instead u become giver of gifts! God bless you in many ways including guiding u to post more and snap more pictures (or even find some1 to be ur photographer) =p

  12. kEv, in case you didn't know I often buy little things like these pouches if I love them, and keep for giving away. You should see my loot! but these I SPECIALLY looked for, to give to you guys. :) (you're right about finding someone to be my photographer when I'm baffled)

  13. HeR$heYs, actually I think I'm now a little (emphasis on the 'little')faster in writing a post. So happy to know you enjoy them! ssshhh...about the birthday, please. I'm shy...

  14. from facebook:

    Melodie Yap Sue Ann October 2 at 10:50pm

    hehe..followed ur awesome blog!! it's so comforting to read ur posts^^ but pls give those lovely bags to those who've followed u for a long time, they deserve it more than I do, hehe :D

    Melodie, see? only now I know you are a reader. Why don't you sign up as a follower anyway, sayang. Maybe I'll have competitions next time for followers!!

  15. Nthabiseng Rhoda Mokgoabone October 3 at 7:23am

    thats true Melody, they are really pretty but thanx to this gift I found out how to follow *giggle* now im gonna be commenting hahaha
    PS want the cute yellow shoes *grin* can lah Aunty

    Rhoda!! Cuteyellowshoes belong to Joni or Tammy. I 'borrowed' them for my photoshoot! (and YES, I asked them first! hmmph)

  16. First of all im flattered....then,
    wat do you want me to do with the dresses?
    its all kind of girlie stuff...but what shall i do?

  17. Hey honey, you don't have to give out pressies you know....your stories are already a gift! But what a great idea, like the others I honestly thought you were venturing into something else online (as if keeping up a blog is not hard enough!). Btw, your photos are really good (maybe you can join up with Ben). As you're asking, I would love the sea splendour, save it for when we meet up again.Thank you!

  18. Aunt Val! Now i know why i got one pretty pouch. Thank you =) i thought i was supposed to do funny things with it cos well... everything about u is interesting =P haha. And yes, i really enjoy reading your blog- funny and entertaining. Weee >.<

  19. Bizokmats, you're not getting a DRESS, just a pouch, my dear....hahaha!

    Allycats, if I were to 'venture' into anything else online, donno how long that'll take me to figure out! You're more computer-savvy with your gorgeous blog...

    Sharina, see? see? toldja you'll find out soon enough!

  20. from facebook, 4th October 2010

    Melinda Hue Wow! Wonderful read Val!

    Valerene Matthews - hahahahahh! i'm presuming you are like me, struggling in computer world and dont know how to leave a comment on the blog, like many others have told me? I shall copy and paste on the blog. And thanks!!

  21. from facebook, October 5th, 2010

    Phoebe T. Lim
    WOWW!! Thanks so much, Valerene! =D
    i didn't know i was eligible to receive a beautiful pouch too!
    i really appreciate it!!
    I love the Beach Beauty, actually ;D
    Thank u again!!!! mmmuaks!! =)
    ...GOD bless!

  22. i love your witty blog aunty val! you're so funny lah. and your photos look great! got any pouches leftover kah? ;) (very thick-skinned question) hehe.

  23. wyeyi.....haha...i like thick-skin. i just might have an extra here and there. ask and you shall receive. which one ah? i love your blog too but....where is the update? (sign up as a follower, sayang...)

  24. oooh!!!! i'll take tropical glory please! =D and don't need to send it to me la. expensive. save it for when i get back! two months time only! yay! thank youu!

  25. haha you're the funniest ever!!
    quick write a new blog post!!!! :D

  26. I love the two skirt-pouch-sneakers photos. So sweet-looking, the way you put them tgt =)

    yup, u're doing great. keep it up =)

  27. small-boar! where have you been? thanks! yah, i know...aren't they the sweetest? i.. ahem.borrowed my daughters' stuff for this photoshoot :)

  28. sj. hey hey hey! didn't know you'd be reading my blog. yay! and thanks....i try really hard to do two posts a month but it's getting really hard. not for want of ideas, but want of time.

  29. sarah lim, no idea (again) why the comments have jumped all over after i published them. yes, happy to keep for you. :)

  30. Sea splendour will do just fine, thanks for!

    i actually enjoy reading your blog. when i'm away for a while i do what we call over here 'carry over' and start reading from where i stopped.

    Keep it up. Love it!

  31. Nya, better late than many posts back did you have to read, haha! one Sea Splendour comin' up. please send your mailing address to my gmail, thanks!