Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rainbow Wooden Slats for Entrance - GIVEAWAY

You know the kind that is used as the base support for single beds? And you know how one or two pieces of slats sometimes break so people throw the whole thing away? And you know how you are driving by mindingyourownbusiness when you see a thrown-away one leaning-by-a- lamp-post-at-the-corner-of-a-street-in-case-a-certain-little-lady-comes-by-oh-me-oh-my...I mean, waiting for Alam Flora to pick it up? Yah, that one.

1. Pick it up and slide it into your car.

2. Pry off the nails and remove the broken slat.

3. Cut the whole piece to the size you want - in this case I wanted it 7-slats wide. So four slats were cut off.

4. Place 'extra' slat in between the original piece as you don't want the gap too big.

5. Find out the gap is too small and the slat can't fit in which is why you are an amateur DIY-er.

6. Which means more work. Enlist husband (he made me say that). Remove all slats in the centre, leaving only a frame.

7. Now space out all the loose slats with the size of gap you wanted in between. Nail them down.

8. Paint each slat tillkingdomcome when you really only wanted the whole thing one colour, because above-mentioned-beloved-husband one day some time ago remarked we have too many things painted in white.

9. Lacquer-finish it.

10. Look for cute shoes to model for you (knowing that at this point Rhoda and 12 others are going to get completely distracted by above-mentioned-shoes and not get the point)

11. Find out you just can't live with it cos it's just.



All that colour! Feels like it belongs at the entrance of a nursery or somethin'.

Late that night

beloved-creative-son-whose-opinion-matters-a-lot-to-you comes home, points at it and says,

"Nice, Mum.

Are you opening a nursery now?"

That's it! I knew it! I'm giving it away. If you can give me a good reason why I should give it to you, please do so and I will. Like if you are running a nursery or somethin'.

Oh, and don't bother if your answer is, "Because you love me." Maybe you can consider that line on above-mentioned-beloved-husband who doesn't know about this yet.

Deadline for answers: June 20th, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Royalty and Commoner

I think I have pretty good resistance when I go shopping. Very rarely do I find something that I have to have. Today was one of the rare occasions I succumbed.
How pretty is this set? A darling teapot with a matching cup. Only 10 ringgit. The last set.
(or I would've bought you one, right? Righhhhhttt...)

See the details?

So I brewed some tea for it (tea is such an English thing, don't you think?)

Then it had to be placed on my cupboard, Lady Victoria. (You can read about Lady Victoria when you click on the purple)

Now that's royalty. English tea with a Lady.

Now set the stage:

1. One ladder picked up off a roadside, where it was dumped with other scrap pieces of wood and junk. Yes, I should get a job with Alam Flora.Dry-brushed the ladder a little here and there with white emulsion paint to make it (me) happier. (shown in later picture)

2. One antique-looking clock, bought at Mydin (Mydin! Yes, that massive wholesale place where you can sometimes actually find something interesting.)

3. One metal teapot, bought at a used-thingy place for a miserable 3 ringgit! (US$1 something).
Planted an ivy in it.

4. One scruffy, badly-painted-in-green hurricane lamp rescued from mother-in-law's (who is moving house soon). Repainted it with black streaks and a pop of red.

5. One crochet piece made by a Thai dentist friend (miss you, Moh Toom!)

6. One wooden crate found by roadside probably used for mandarin oranges during Chinese New Year.
Now using it, as is, for magazines...

Now put that together...

7. Two leftover scraps of laminate flooring. Hammered together, then painted it red and black, with a white bird design.

Now put it all together under the stairs.


Royalty and Commoner make a beautiful sight.

And yes, happy for you too, Prince William and Katherine.

Oh, oh. Look at the words on the teapot....

Hope that every time you have tea together, you'll remember to be thankful for each other. I know that'll sure help keep one royal couple together. Ummm...that'll help keep any couple together, royal or not. Don't you think?

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