Saturday, May 7, 2011

Royalty and Commoner

I think I have pretty good resistance when I go shopping. Very rarely do I find something that I have to have. Today was one of the rare occasions I succumbed.
How pretty is this set? A darling teapot with a matching cup. Only 10 ringgit. The last set.
(or I would've bought you one, right? Righhhhhttt...)

See the details?

So I brewed some tea for it (tea is such an English thing, don't you think?)

Then it had to be placed on my cupboard, Lady Victoria. (You can read about Lady Victoria when you click on the purple)

Now that's royalty. English tea with a Lady.

Now set the stage:

1. One ladder picked up off a roadside, where it was dumped with other scrap pieces of wood and junk. Yes, I should get a job with Alam Flora.Dry-brushed the ladder a little here and there with white emulsion paint to make it (me) happier. (shown in later picture)

2. One antique-looking clock, bought at Mydin (Mydin! Yes, that massive wholesale place where you can sometimes actually find something interesting.)

3. One metal teapot, bought at a used-thingy place for a miserable 3 ringgit! (US$1 something).
Planted an ivy in it.

4. One scruffy, badly-painted-in-green hurricane lamp rescued from mother-in-law's (who is moving house soon). Repainted it with black streaks and a pop of red.

5. One crochet piece made by a Thai dentist friend (miss you, Moh Toom!)

6. One wooden crate found by roadside probably used for mandarin oranges during Chinese New Year.
Now using it, as is, for magazines...

Now put that together...

7. Two leftover scraps of laminate flooring. Hammered together, then painted it red and black, with a white bird design.

Now put it all together under the stairs.


Royalty and Commoner make a beautiful sight.

And yes, happy for you too, Prince William and Katherine.

Oh, oh. Look at the words on the teapot....

Hope that every time you have tea together, you'll remember to be thankful for each other. I know that'll sure help keep one royal couple together. Ummm...that'll help keep any couple together, royal or not. Don't you think?

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  1. Now I know why someone has been so busy ...great work. You sure have an eye on things, its a whole new look to recycling.

  2. Huda, ooo...I should start a blog on Recycling with Flair or somethin' right? Right after my blog on how-not-to-cook :)

  3. love the teapot and teacup! you have a great flair for spotting pretty things and ability to pretty-fy things aunty Val! :)

  4. Beautiful, u must make this ur full time job! there is such a thing called 'staging' a living room or house. u must must must! :D

  5. Wye - thank you, sweetie!

    HeR$heys - hahaha, I love how you have plans for me. I'm just having fun experimenting.

  6. wait till she comes up with the smocking and crochet works .. you never know what's running through her mind right now ...i know i can't wait

  7. and now your daughter has something to drink tea in and feel oh-so-Pride-and Prejudicey :D

  8. Huda - you're right about that! (the you never know what's running through her mind now)

    tammy - tea junkie! does this make the tea more yummy? like eating banana leaf rice with fingers, NOT fork and spoon?

  9. This looks great! :)

  10. are not only a collector but also has a unique perspective looking into things! If it's me...mati hidup balik also I dunno what to do with an old teapot, rest alone the wooden crate! creative la you Val..**clap..clap..clap**

  11. Bryan - Thanks! you got junk for me?

    Mummy Hunny - collector? kutip sampah lah. and I have a thing for teapots looks like. hahaha!

  12. Your entries are always so inspiring!

  13. Cherbreena - thanks so much! Means a lot to me - my posts, as well as feedback on how people receive them.

  14. from facebook, 12th May 2011

    Chun Hua Jia

    Ok Ok, I know I say this all the time, but this has to be my favourite thus far "Royalty and Commoner" (my favourits keep changing coz all the time you post better wan lah) you bring the Victorian days (my favourite time in History) to the 21st century, so beautiful.. *hugs*

    Chun Hua Jia, really? hmm...different people see the blog from different angles. interesting. thanks! tree-shades

  15. Thank goodness you succumbed to temptation!
    Such a lovely pair - the teapot & cup! lol!
    * loved Moh Toom's crochet
    * absolutely laughed out loud when I saw
    Royalty & Commoner, TOGETHER!
    * You're a genius with pics & words, Val...
    Keep it up!
    Cuppa tea, Val?" ;)

  16. pattie boo - yes, my youngest daughter is having fun making tea in it, too!
    Moh Toom has retired and does handwork, will forward her blog - in Thai!
    yes, let's have tea! when, when?

  17. from facebook, May 14th, 2011:

    Hsulynn Pang
    omgoodness!! I wanna come to your house soon to see the new decor!!! so naaaaiiiisss!!!

    Hsulynn, hahaha! thanks. Come for tea? hahaha!

  18. Wow, so creative and a woman after my own heart, a recycler:):) Glad I found your blog via Lynn's of For Love or Funny. I am a Malaysian too, living in the US now.

  19. Kala - Hi! Always happy to meet someone new in Blogland. But at this time, my blog is about any and everything around me, not just my DIY projects. Thank you so much for your kind compliment.

  20. Wonderful. You have such a good idea with decorating your house.
    I am confused when I take a look on Tammy and Joani photos. Who is who. I am not sure.
    Tammy has grown up to miss Tammy,beautiful.Ha ha ha

  21. Maw toom - hi! thank you, you are very kind. quite often Joni and Tammy wear each other's clothes too, and people in church often get confused also. hahahha!

  22. Last night I commented by choosing Name/URL after try anonymous as Paul suggested but it had failed
    I and my husband ,we think that one day we will go to visit you at Malaysia.I hope so.
    Miss you. You my good friend.

  23. Miss you two, too!! Yes, come! And we have to plan to come there, too.
    Thanks for your comments. Many others also have told me they have problems sending in comments. Oh dear.