Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DIY Ampersand

An ampersand.  It represents so much to me personally, as far as a marriage goes.  It means "AND".  It means no more solo-flying.  It means everything is done with the other person in mind.  Major decisions on family, children, money, future plans, career direction, are discussed with your spouse.

How very close to my heart this symbol is.  How very painful when what it represents is not remembered.  How very painful when one or both decide to 'do their own thing'.

We had a wedding in the family couple of days ago. I was helping with the decorations and wanted an ampersand because I loved the ones I saw on Pinterest.  But they don't sell large ones around these parts.  The ones I've seen are a mere 6 inches high.  So...again...I'd just have to make one then!

I bought a piece of plywood about three-eighths of an inch thick. Then, I drew an ampersand free-hand, about 21 inches high on a piece of paper, then traced it out on the wood. (As you can see, I'd already started sawing the bottom before I remembered I hadn't taken a picture!)

 Since I don't have a lot of tools to my name and usually use whatever I have on hand, I used this borer to make a hole at the top.  This is the same boring (hole-making, not in anyway meaning ho-hum boring) bit I used for the birdhouse I made before.

 Then I used my electric saw to saw around the shape (see kids, I TOLD you I'd rather have a saw as a birthday present than some flowers.  Thank you again and again!).  I had to be careful especially around the narrower parts which could've snapped off - maybe a thicker piece of wood might have been better.

 Then I painted it with a grey base coat and a yellow top coat (grey and yellow being the theme colours of the wedding) and sanded that baby for a rustic look.

It's not perfect, but I love it!

And now for some modelling....by these two who are not perfect, who sometimes take 'solo flights', who sometimes forget to consider the other, who sometimes need a simple reminder.  Like a wooden ampersand.