Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ear-ring Holder DIY

We (my daughters and I) once considered hanging our ear-rings on a twig prodded into a vase.  But that would occupy a lot of space.

I bought pill boxes for them (ummm...the ear-rings, not my daughters).  But they could only be used for studs, and smaller ear-rings.

The last attempt was hanging them on sushi mats - which was ok, but removing them and hanging them back was a little difficult as the bamboo sticks were tied too tightly together.

Then I discovered Pinterest!  If you do not know what Pinterest is, I will caution you.  It's highly addictive!

So in my stash of junk, I had this wooden frame. I had been keeping it for a long time, not knowing what I'd do with it....

1.  I painted the frame the palest of greys.
2.  I distressed it by sanding it at various places to give it a used-look.

3.  I nailed some plastic mesh to the back of the frame.

4.  Then I hung our ear-rings...

Yes, those are spider-web complete-with-spider ear-rings.  And yes, I do wear them.  My daughter bought them, not me!  (Actually, I would've bought them, too, heh heh.)  Umm...penguin ear-rings are just below them.  The cheetah (?) print ear-rings were given me for my birthday last year as Esther, my cute nurse-friend thought I should wear them when she heard we were making a trip to Botswana.  Crazy, lovable Esther.


(Psst.  At this point of time, Rhoda is going to be totally distracted looking at all the ear-rings and not notice my awesome ear-ring holder and the effort I took to make it.)

Hmmm...might as well make another one, with this broken frame I picked up somewhere..this one is for my daughter to use in her studio....ooo...talking about that, check out the super, crazy Hollywood-style mirror she made!

And gorgeous wedding make-up...!


Happy.  I like.