Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Quiet Christmas

Since my Dad's demise was a mere one month ago, it's kinda quiet around our house this Christmas. No decorations, no tree*, no lights.

*updated: I woke up this morning and found an elf had put up a Christmas tree lights and all, in the corner of our sitting room! (?)

But I did make some gingerbread cookies for the kids at the Daycare Centre - in the shape of houses. I hand-cut each one (what I won't do for these kids) before baking them as I don't know if a house-shaped cutter can be found anywhere.

The kids had fun icing them!

Then I decided to make some gingerbread men for my own distribution...

They started out pretty normal...

See? just a regular guy.

Then I started thinking, "How 'bout I change their eyes to make them look more gleeful...and ..and..add a bowtie here.."

"Oh, oh, can't have guys alone... should have some spunky gals..."

And then it kinda went out of control....."we could even go oriental...."



Next time, I'll just stick to houses....

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Goofy Gifts

The other day one of our kids from the Daycare Centre was out shopping for farewell gifts for the staff, as, he was leaving the centre. His mum started picking out for each staff...

These are jumbo-sized fabric roses (almost 2-and-a-half feet long each!)...

But for him, this caught his eye and he said to his mum, "I think we should get this for Aunty Val," (which is what the kids call me), this is what they got me....


(Ok, save the wise cracks about why you think he got me this.)

I am so honoured. It shows how well he knows me....I often do buy the whackiest things, if I think:

- they may be useful somehow at the Centre for an object lesson or prop
- the kids will love them!
- I love them!
- they're conversation starters
- they're so me
- they bring a laugh

It makes the goofiest sound by the way:
(this is gonna take me forever - figuring out how to
upload the video...)

Here's something I bought some months ago...(don't ask how many of these I have)

And here's what it does....

So fun I can't stand it.

Here's the coolest Christmas stocking I have ever received (my boss bought this for me
cos she said it is so me)..

Now before you get the impression that I only love receiving goofy gifts, I don't. I ....

..ahem...(major throat-clearing here)

do also love:

- chocolates (BIG time, small time, any time)

- lasagna (cooked, thank you)

- white cotton-lace trimmed peasant-style blouses

- craft books

- recipe books (one can dream that one will whip up something from the recipe book that gets one's attention when one gets into the mood one day that is likely to happen to one maybe twice a year which is better than one not being inspired at all throughout one's year)

- pretty diaries or notebooks

Just sayin'.

p/s The writer of this blog would love feedback on some of the whackiest gifts you have ever received, or tell her what is on your wish-list. (No harm wishing.) Also, the best gift you can give her is to sign up as a follower of this blog, if you haven't already! Then she will persevere writing even though it takes forever to do so for each post (these two video uploads took me the longest time! ish!)