Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kettles Turned Planters

So how did I get into this?  It started out merely as a necessity, this fixing things myself (DIY) around the house.  Then I went on to refurbishing furniture pieces as my Mum wanted to get rid of some of them.  In the meantime, I kept finding discarded stuff that was still useful, and giving them a makeover.  Now people want to buy some of my things.  The thought tickles me!                                                                                    

I had bought (yes, bought) these two old metal kettles 'cos I saw their potential.  Someone had seen my earlier conversions of some of them and wanted them as planters as well, one in blue and one in green.  Here are the steps.  It's really quite simple!                                                                                                            


1.  Take a Before-photo (for me, 'cos I blog.  For you, so you can show your friends how ugly they started out
2.  Wash them with soapy water and sand off as much of the soot and muck as possible.
3.  Hammer a large nail to makes holes at the bottom, so the plant has drainage.  Personally I would not grow a plant directly into the kettle as I don't know if it will slowly rust and affect the soil. I'd rather put a pot inside.  Take photo.

4.  Paint first coat of primer (for metal) all around.  Take photo.  Leave to dry in the sun (meantime, check facebook :)

5.  Then paint primer on the base.  Take photo.  Leave to dry (meantime, have breakfast that you forgot).

6.  Then using the hammer, hit flat the jagged edges of the holes that you made earlier, inside.  This, so it does not hurt anyone who is trying to fill or clean it ('cos I'm a forevermum who thinks of these things).  Of course this step should have been done before painting any primer.  Take photo.

7.  Oops.  Forgot the photo before this stage, which is, paint the handle black.  Leave to dr-. (start writing blog post).
8.  Paint the body with one coat of coloured paint.  Leave to d- (reply whatsapp message).
9.  Paint base.  Leave to --- (meantime, put laundry out).
10.  Second coat of colour.  Leave t.d. (meantime, cut finger nails).  Take photo.
11.  Second coat of colour on base.  L.t.d. (wash some laundry by hand).
12.  Spray lacquer.  L.t... (wash dishes in sink...nehhh...husband likes to do that).
13.  Spray second coat of lacquer.  L. (you know the drift?).  Meantime, water plants on porch.
14.  Wait to next day 'cos you're done for the day.  Next day, fill up with different plants until satisfied, for 'modelling' the After-photo (you can even hang the planter since the kettle has a handle). Take photo. Send photos to customer for approval.
15.  Upload photos and finish blog.

Simple enough? :)



Now dolled up....


 It is really hard for me to part with my pieces after I make them.                                                               
 (*weeping quietly).                                                                                                                                   

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