Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Waterfall Trip - Let's go!

This happened last year but I am recording it down for memories....I so wanna go again, though!

What can be more relaxing? I don't know about you, I always long to be near nature...my idea of a holiday short or long. And we have some pretty awesome spots right here in Malaysia.

When: Saturday 12th March, 2011

Where: Sungei Gabai Waterfalls, off Ulu Langat in Selangor, Malaysia

Surrounded by greenery...

and water.

The air smelt so earthy.

Who: Me, my husband Paul, my daughter Tammy, and friends Kevin Tan, Amanda Ee,
Shaun and Joanna Voon, Mahesh, and an old friend, Eng Hoe
(2 people missing in this photo?)

Oh, there they are.

Hmmm.....eating. Figures. (Neh, just kidding. They just happened to be missing when we took that photo)

This was an odd group indeed, some of them we hardly knew at the time (like Shaun and Joanna from Australia) and others are really old friends like Eng Hoe, who goes waaaay back with us like maybe from the Jurassic Era.

Why: I am blogging about this event so you get to see how great this place is. The last posts I did about the Bird Parks in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore (here and here), it inspired a number of you to actually want to go there. Well, how about that....maybe I should write a blog for travellers.

Something about the sound of water that makes you feel refreshed...gushing..

or splashing...

or rippling....

This waterfall is just about a 1 and a half hour's drive away from Kuala Lumpur.

IF you don't get lost.

Which we did.

And we are not gonna name names of person/s responsible.

There is a parking area. You pay one ringgit per person to enter the area. That's all! There are toilet and bathing facilities (warning - no frills..this is not some kind of tourist resort)

There are different levels of the waterfall which you can choose to stop at. We climbed the steep stairs and decided on the level where..
natural water slide!

Head massage

Shoulder massage

B_tt massage

So we took our turn/s on the water slide.

This video was put together by Tammy.

But things didn't go quite like I expected when it came to my turn. It shows how I (in red bandanna, from 0.51) got stuck not once, but twice. Huh? What was I doing wrong? (don't answer that) Yes, that was my daughter laughing like a sadistic hyena in the background. She has a dark side to her I'm a-tellin' ya.

Maybe cellulite has suction cup properties or somethin'. Sheesh.

It reminded me of my bowling attempts where the ball gliiiiiiiiiiides to the side and into the drain. Not good. No one else had this pause button problem.

We also attempted to form a human caterpillar (from 1.16)...

Some of us felt mighty pleased with our accomplishments. We (ok, not me, some in the group) could actually slide down in a standing position. Whoa! yes, clap clap we did.

And then.



A few Orang Asli (native) boys who had lived near the falls all their lives.

And they did their ke-ray-zee stunts (from 1.36)!

What the jimminy haystacks!! Have you ever?!

Don't forget to read the posts on the Bird Parks! It has valuable advice! Post 1 and Post 2

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  1. As usual, you made me laugh out loud!!!
    I would have gotten stuck on the waterslide & just stayed there!

  2. Muahahahaha! What a treat! Lovely pics (natural landscapes) and ...a video of you guys frolicking in the water! lol! Wow - your B_tt must have a mind of its/their own! Hilarious stunts (dangerous ones by the orang asli boys) from an adventurous soul, and her equally happy-spirited 'family' ... you go girl! (red-bandanna and all...especially the water-strong B_tt...lol!)

  3. Anonymous Pam, oh thank you! You make me feel so good....

  4. Pattie Boo, haiyah just say the word and come with us next time! You bring the cornish puffs, hahahaha!

  5. from facebook, 19th April 2012

    Love the video - really cool !! Anu Raj

    Thanks, Anu! Well, you have gorgeous place in NZ, wish I could go again. We'd gone to a waterfall on the trip we met you but it was too collllld to even think about jumping in!

  6. From facebook, 19th April 2012

    i wanna come along too...

    Patrick Sehoo

  7. Patrick Sehoo, you are more than welcome, noted! But we are kinda on-the-spur-of-the-moment people so you may not be able to get here from Singapore on time (?)

  8. From facebook, 19th April 2012

    Wait for me plis......

    Matlhogonolo O Matshuba

  9. Matlhogonolo (Mpene!) - hahahaha! hopefully our next trip to the waterfalls will not be in December when you come over from Botswana! But we can always go again....oh, you would so love it!

  10. From facebook, 20th April 2012

    Haha that was awesome!!! Joanna Voon

  11. Joanna, yeah it was, wasn't it? When are you guys coming, we can go again!

  12. Woah...so so exciting...lemme know if u guys are going anytime soon....would love to go...ha

  13. Pls post the video on your facebook wall ... am sure then many will want to see what your blog's all about... :)

    1. Pattie Boo, thanks for the suggestion....

    2. You're welcome ... can't wait for your next blog ...

  14. oooooh this looks so fun! I like the massage part, I'm in need of one at the moment!
    And those are pretty awesome FAILS haha *not*
    Planning on going back soon? I'm gonna start practicing and join the professionals!

  15. Rhoda - and what would you be practising on?? hahahaha! yep, really want to go back. I will check back on these comments to see who is interested if I do organize a trip.

    NICEEEEEEEEE....!! =))
    Thanks for sharing this, Auntie Val =)

  17. Sweet P&#39 - so are you going, are you going??

  18. wow!! i have been away for a while um back aunthy!! hehe!! Thats an awesome place count me in for the next coming adventure.

  19. from facebook, 22nd April2012:

    Awesome spot. Gotta go there soon. Tony Khong

    Hey, Tony! Yes, do go and bring along a bunch of crazy people with you!

  20. Looks like a cool place to chill out. Would love to go & experience the 'massaging' falls. Do you think that after 2 years, the place is still the same? Patricia Lee (ASC)

    1. Yes, we did go again after that. But best to not go on a public holiday, crowded and littered :(