Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to Find a Life Partner (Part 1)

1. Please do be presentable.

There's nothing worse than a guy with oily-looking, unkempt hair and smelling like salted fish. Or a girl who compromises on everything she wears (or doesn't wear), to get his attention.

2. Focus on the person, be interested in her/him.

But don't overdo it. It's scary when you so want to make a good impression that you're flattering complimenting her on everything from her Armpits to her Zits.

3. Be careful about asking so many questions that she begins to think you are plain nosey (in other words do not bring your checklist "What I'm looking for in a girl"). You do not want to sound like some kind of Private Investigator, querying about any and everything like you want to make sure you have not left any
leaf stone unturned.

3. Make slow moves. If you're all bug-eyed and desperate, you may look like you're out looking for a wife .....bugs.

When all you're thinking about is whether that person is the right one, it will show. And it will scare the daylights out of her.

4. Be open. Sometimes the right person may not look anything like what you envisioned. So keep your eyes open.

5. And if someone has caught your eye, stay calm. Just keep being friendly, stay in contact so that your name will keep popping up. Do not throw yourself at him, but stay a cordial distance to give him space to discover you.

6. And, like they (not I) say, let Nature take her course.

Cos Nature is what Nature does.

(All bird photos were taken at Kuala Lumpur Bird Park and none were photoshopped cos I don't know how to. Photo of plaque was taken at a cafe.)

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  1. Val, will skip points 1-5 and keep point 6 in mind ... and yes .. bird fotos are cool. You planned well, plaque photo is well used ... ^_^

  2. Jeremiah - thanks! I should do one on bees?

    Huda - you know, I actually don't 'plan'. I just take photos and think one day they'll be useful. How and when I don't know. I think the English on that plaque is wrong?

  3. from facebook, 2nd Feb 2011

    Janelle Chuah Aiyoh why u didnt post this 30 yrs ago?

    Janelle - HAHAHA! if only I KNEW this thirty years ago!

  4. "MarriageS ARE made in heaven so ARE thunder and lightning" ????

  5. Anonymous, yah, I think that's correct?

  6. WOW, Thunder and Lightning made in heaven. Now I understand others who go through ..*ahem* I guess I'm still learning lessons from life...how to be a good husband like looking good, smelling nice, talking less, focusing, staying calm, not to be hasty in using words, patience. I'm still working on it. Good post:) From: Paul Ratnam

  7. Thanx muum! ive been askin ma self how to do it well, but now it seems i will have to make a move cause i think guys will soon take "her"...this is the word in season!

  8. Noel, thanks! hope it made you chuckle!

    Paul Ratnam, I better not say anything - too shy.

    bizokmats, wow! are you trying to tell me somethin' kid?!!

  9. from facebook, 7th Feb 2011

    Chin Yoon Poh

    wow..wee..thoroughly enjoying your blog...how come I wasn't in your 50th award???? Huh!!!!!

    YPoh, oops. ummmmmmmmm....i think both of us can't remember. you probably were away..

    JaroN, too bad I haven't honed my (non-)photo-taking skills, otherwise...watch out World!

  10. He! He! He!I love the 'lady in red' & her 'matching shoes' ...Nice pics, nice article ... keep on writing - can't wait for parts (2), (3)..and MORE ...

  11. I like the birds! Using nature and animals in the pictures while you make your points is very effective! Your advise was good too!

  12. erm.. I wonder what Part 2 will be =p

  13. Aunt Val, I was wondering...did the idea for this post come before the photos or did the photos inspired you? :P

  14. That was so good - and so true! Loved the pix and the post.

  15. pattieboo, I was only thinking of part 2!!

    kEv - me, too!

    HeR$heYs - I loved the bird(scarlet ibis) and was watching its movement so I decided to take several photos of it. The idea came when I was clearing photos I thought I might not need! :)

    LBDDiaries - thanks! I am scouring my photos for Part 2, hee hee!

  16. from facebook:

    JoAnne Chu February 10 at 3:00pm

    thumbs u-p :)

    JoAnne - wah, you like?

  17. Hi Val,

    It's so true and with a dash of humor! =D
    Thanks for sharing it!
    GOD bless ♥

  18. Phoebe T.Lim, so look out for Part B, ok? ;)

  19. HahaHaha.. auntie Val, I like how u cancel those words out openly. It's true! Writen in a very entertaining manner :DD