Saturday, February 13, 2010

Maybe that's why I'm like this....

My parents - are they cute or what? (maybe that's why I am like this?)
I mean if they can pose for shots like the above.

What's amazing is that their marriage was match-made....

Mum was a mere 15 year old (my daughter's age now -imagine Tammy getting married now??) while Dad was TWENTY EIGHT. Another two years and he'd have been twice her age!

Dad, now 90, is half deaf. But everyone I've heard of who owns a hearing aid is not using it.
So no way does he want to even go there.

In fact, he even had dentures made some 15 years ago. And left them soaking in a glass til 13 years ago (do the math do the math) when my Mum got fed up of rinsing them out and threw them away cuz he wouldn't wear them.

Mum, 77, (see the age difference? do the math do the math) is half blind. Remember is half deaf, mum is half blind). Cataracts. She's had one eye operated on already.

More than that, she declares she went for every stress test at the hospital. And failed them all. And came home.

Neither wild horses nor wild taxi drivers are going to get her back there again for any operation of any kind. So everything remains as it is.

Dad, downstairs: Can you bring me the key?

Mum, upstairs: What? You want some tea?

Dad: The key lah, the KEY!

Mum: You mean the kunci?

Later, on the phone, with his sister in Australia:

Dad: I don't know why she is talking to me in Malay now lah.
Like I can't understand English, ah? And she's getting DEAF!


  1. This is soooo funny la :)

  2. wish i could remember all the funny things they've said and done...this was the MOST recent!! how? d'you think this is why I am like that?

  3. lol lol lol lol, that must be an interesting family indeed

  4. :D

    ahahahaha... very cute la aunty... :)

  5. hahahahaha!the couple is realy kilin me...i cant wait to meet them
    On the other hand ...u being who u are cause of your parents....mmmmm...i dont know how true that would be..

  6. bizokmats, they really are a riot. am i not a riot, too?

  7. gaby, so are you a little like your parents?? don't they also live by "what's yummy goes to tummy"???? hee hee.

  8. pepe, "in-teresting" isn't the word i would use...more like in-sane...hee hee...

  9. He!he!he!
    How about posting photos of the "products"...err.. or is it "by-products", of this marvelous union? LOL! Yes, I do think you're interesting because of your "roots" ...write more, please ...

  10. pattieboo, i think if i post fortnightly it will be bearable for those reading..more often and it'll drive them nuts. so far i've introduced my kids and my parents...slowly slowly...

  11. Val,
    Enjoyed reading about ur parents. Years ago my aunty( God bless her soul) who was living with my grandma( God bless her too ) was exactly like this. They would fight with each other about it. It was funny for us watching but i felt sad for them as well .
    keep writing my friend. Share some of ur witty write ups with the bulletin la.

  12. oli: i dont understand the bit about feeling sad for them. my parents carry on this kind of banter all the time. no malicious intent. just plain mischievous! thanks for your comment!

  13. message from facebook, copied and pasted:

    Malkey Seemule February 16 at 10:16am Reply
    haha..really! i gues..thy define u,pritty much hehe''

  14. message from facebook
    DT February 17 at 1:52pm Reply
    One thing to note about grandpa's hearing is that sometimes, it's selective ;-) And one doesn't realise till he suddenly replies (quite out of the blue mind you) to something just said! We only just found out a few weeks ago! One wonders if he's just feigning deafness. Hahaha...

    Granny's eyesight may not be so good but she sure sees my bad complexion clearly! Hehe...wonderful couple indeed and being married for 60 years now is no joke!

  15. DT, does that mean i'm heading that way? being selective in my hearing and seeing major in the minor things? dont answer that. hahahahaha!