Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hot Air Balloons Here I Come!

I can't believe how excited I am about seeing hot air balloons this Saturday! I've never actually been anywhere near one but here are some pictures from Google. Isn't it fantastic that they come in so many shapes and colours? Don't you think they should be called cool hot air balloons?

Now I want one for myself!
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....! But how in the world would I decide? Maybe just a regular one would be the easiest.

But look at the colours!!

These are definitely my style:

Ooooooh...lookie at these...lovelovelove! Ok, I've decided! The one furthest left. (Which would you pick?)

Some guy would love this:

I wouldn't want a balloon that might spook out little kids....

I'd definitely pick a kid-friendly one:

Neither would I want one that would spook out other living things:

Bird in mid-air: WHAT THE FOWL!

And why would anyone want this? Eww...

Yep, I'm going with a regular one. No, no, not the basket though.

Nah, mine would have a stylish thingamajig.

First, I'd put on the dress I'm gonna buy from e-bay

I'd ride mine away from the city (translated traffic jams, haze, pollution, crowds)

I'd ride it over the countryside (oops! watch out for that barbed wire. go, go, go!)

and I'd land it among other balloonies..I mean balloonists... in Malaysia....

I'm such a kid.

Everyone has the right to fantasize now and then.......sighhhh..

Check out details about the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at
which is on ONLY until this Sunday.


  1. Yes, hot air balloons are see the world from a birds eye view in something so colorful and whimsical would be fun. I went up about 300 ft in one tethered by a rope at a 4th of July event one year...but I don't think that counts.

  2. comment from joan, copied from facebook:

    Joan Daniel March 22 at 4:44pm
    Hello! Val. Love your blog. So funny and the pics there are fabulous....esp the hot air balloons. Wish I had gone for the fiesta. Did you actually go on one?

  3. yes, we actually went on one. queued up from 6.40 am to 11.20 am just to get on a tethered ride, all of THREE minutes!! didn't i say you have to be crazy to do this?

  4. theresa sacket, of course it counts! you got on one and it went up didn't it? good enough for me! (it DID go up, didn't it? hahahahha!)

  5. Some guy? Haha. I like the Darth Vader one, but I am not a guy!
    Where are the photos from the Putrajaya Fiesta??