Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things that go bump in the night (and day) at our house

I'm a-tellin' ya, it's getting reeeally strange. The first noticeable thing happened last Christmas. I had decided it would be a quiet one since my Dad had just passed away shortly before that. So no decorations were put up, no big gathering was planned.

And then all of a sudden, I woke up one morning and found our Christmas tree, with all her glory (lights, baubles, the works) was up!

Elves, I'm tellin' ya, elves!

Incident number 2. Some time ago, I discovered a purplish thumb-drive.

In the washing machine.

It had gone through the whole cycle of being soaked, detergented, rinsed, water-drained, spun, and tumble-dried. The machine had been set to 'high' water level, 'economy' and 'speedy' mode (this information given in case you ever need to have a thumb-drive laundered, and I'm helpful like that).

So I mentioned it on facebook, saying that the owner (read: family members) could collect it from the clothesline outside, where I had hung it out to dry along with the clothes it had been washed with.

And yes, I have to facebook my family even if we do live in the same house (*rolls eyes, LOL, click 'like', add comment, and what have you).

And no one, NO ONE, claimed it. Then whose was it?

3. Then of course there are the chocolates that go missing from the fridge.
But let's not talk about that.

4. And of late??

Remember my downstairs toilet? Remember the black and white tiles and the black and white painted walls?

Update: I had decided the cheapest flooring I could afford was just to place those anti-slip clip-together plastic mats on top of the existing floor.

I decided the toilet needed a pop of colour and chose red.
Then I found a matching candle holder in red and.....and....four little wooden cats with red ears and noses.

And therein lies the mystery!

No one knows where those cats came from! They just turned up in the living room one morning! See? I asked every one in the household and all gave me the shrug.

Well, carpe diem...(I have to throw in a Latin word so I sound a little more learned)

I remembered we had a wee little mouse somewhere... I thought they all looked kinda cute together, and put them on the toilet tank. But it seems like EVERY time I go into the toilet, they had moved! And no one owns up to moving them around..what in the world?? And here are some arrangements I have found them in.
(I have placed a white cardboard in the background for clearer pictures cos I'm an awesome photographer like that). And I have little titles for each picture.

This was my original arrangement.

In the light of ummm...ahem... a certain rally we've had in Malaysia recently, I've entitled the above:
Don't let anyone, ANYone intimidate you

Don't be fearful cos fear will make you make bad moves

And worse moves

And the worst move of all - pretense

''I don't know nothin''

''Maybe if I ignore them, they will go away''

Remember, not all the bad guys are bad.

Sometimes, you just need to show the way

And sometimes some people cats need to be toppled

So how crazy is that? Whoever is doing this, and if you're reading this, come on out and own up!

One day, I even found..

What next...?

(*rolls eyes, LOL, click 'like', add comment)

1. Do you have strange things happening at your house, too?
2. You can read about my toilet-cum-studio makeover by clicking on the purple there (you really should see the yawnnnn 'before')
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  1. Val, I love your Tom(s) and Jerry story .. really cute. It has really been a cat & mouse game isnt it? And maybe you should have a CCTV installed to 'catch' the elves, or mouse or cat ... you know those with 2 legs or 4 or more >..<

  2. Huda, in this household, I'm not surprised anymore with whatever happens.(*rolls get the drift..)

  3. Muahahahaha! What an ingenious way to while away the time when one is in the loo ... Either that or the toilet seat is facing the toilet tank (in YOUR household, anything is possible... muahahahaha!)
    I love your cute captions under the equally cute pictures ... hopefully the elves/orang bunian/entity remembered to wash their hands BEFORE playing with the cute figurines.
    (My fav pic is the one with the mouse on the toilet tank's handle)... muahahahaha!

  4. patricia boo - yah, mouse on handle. i donno what this minx/es will come up with next.

  5. from facebook 14th July 2011

    Chin Yoon Poh - well how I wish my garden lights will like up by itself!!

    YPoh, surely they have invented something like that by now? or you could borrow an elf from me.

  6. Mike Ngui - Val, you are....ummm....."interesti​ng". : )

    You should make a stop-motion (nothing to do with the location of the pix) animation with those five characters. So cute!

    Mike,...ummm....tks? i have enough problems just posting up pictures,since i struggle with all things computerish....but yes, good idea. now which kid of mine is gonna teach me?

  7. this is brilliant la. aunty, you just made my day! can't stop laughing at the pictures... hahaha...

  8. Gaby! Go watch Mr Popper's Penguins! overdose of cute-some-ness!

  9. from facebook, 17th July 2011:

    Abby Comaraderie

    That was awesome! Hahaha, who knew ppl cn do dis n still get away wif it ;) Love it! :)

    Abby - we're finding out just how much people can do things and get away with them, can't we? In so many ways...hee.

  10. Thought you didn't like cats?lol, I heard they need a narrator for Wallace and Gromit, think you will be the perfect choice. Just adore the little story told with the little cats and mouse, very clever indeed. And that mouse just can't keep still :)

  11. Allycat, I don't! These don't poop or rub themselves against your leg or sit around all day ....oops, I'm talking to a cat lover. Yes, that mouse is too much, isn't it? (update: he's walking circles round the candle-holder, with 4 cats in tow...)

  12. from facebook, 19th July 2011;

    Ivan Chong

    lol.....there must be a really BIG rat somewhere which is moving your cats & intimidating them to move around

    Hey Ivan - and that really BIG rat must be one with two legs?

  13. from facebook, 23rd July 2011

    Joe Jaffar
    Got got. Amir, knocking our door at 5am every morning.

    Why in the world does he do that?

  14. from facebook, 23rd July 2011

    Tony Willis
    In my house it's usually me :)
    ‎(or my parents going to the bathroom *snigger*)

    Tony, oh how I miss the idea of having stayed at your house. Just loved the whole thing - with the sheep and all! Missing your parents, too.

  15. from facebook, 23rd July 2011

    Huda Manan
    my place? it doesnt go bump but more like snorts and groans ...

    Hahaha, Huda..and you know at my place it is always a ship coming in..

  16. from facebook, 23rd July 2011

    Mel Anselm
    Val.. just LUUURRVVEEE reading your blogs lah...!

    Mel, oh! Thanks! Make sure you leave comments here so I know what you think, ok? Even if I am offensive in any way, you can complain.

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  19. First of all apologies i've been away for some time...
    hehehehehehhahaaahahahihihi.....ayayaya! i just cant stop laughing hehehehehihihihi....aiyooooo, i think you are able to come up with a movie or a comedy script....such talent ha? hihihihhehehe
    this is too much...

  20. bizokmats - why have you removed all those earlier posts?! you were checking for English mistakes, right? comedy script? this household IS a comedy script.

  21. you're that bored at home eh?

  22. theotheraj - ? why in the world do you think that? no, not at all. having fun, hee hee hee.