Sunday, January 1, 2012

How we ended up in Botswana, Africa!

It all started with this guy......(love this photo of you, Boago! so handsome)

Boago is a student from Botswana. My husband and I first met him in church here in Malaysia, shortly after he arrived. This was about three years ago. We had offered to give him a ride home and we hit it off right away. He decided he'd 'adopt' us as his Malaysian parents.

My husband Paul, and me, in Botswana

These are his real parents in Botswana (in clothing brought over from Malaysia - how cute are they, holding hands and all?)....

As such, he was often invited to join us on the trips we planned in Malaysia, whether to the movies, hotsprings, Royal Selangor (pewter) showroom, Bird Park, a hot-air balloon ride, firefly sanctuary. We grew close with him. And we love him dearly.

Can you tell?

I even took him to the kindergarten where I once worked, for him to talk about his native country, teach an African song, and spend time with the kids. They loved him, too!

My friends became his friends...(oh! nice top, Huda)
He became my 'partner-in-crime'...

This is me with his sparring partner, my friend and 'personal nurse' who nags me to death to drink more water, Esther. Boago and Esther have this brother-sister love-hate relationship...
(Esther gave me leopard-print ear-rings for my birthday to wear to Botswana! heehee!)
But seriously, Boago is a fun-loving, gentle, friendly, teachable, talented, musically-inclined and most important of all, God-fearing young man.

Boago, you da man!

As my husband works with Malaysian Airlines (MAS), we get a 'free' ticket annually to any part of the world that MAS flies to. Only the youngest of our three kids is eligible for this free ticket too, since the other two are already working adults. We decided we'd go visit Boago's family for this year's trip, just recently in December 2011, and spend Christmas with them. Boago was also back there on semester break. It is an 11-hour flight to Johannesburg (the city that MAS flies to), and a 6-hour drive to Botswana.

Here are some quick photos on our trip.

This is the little village where Boago hails from, Mochudi. It is about a one-hour drive from the capital, Gaborone.

This large compound belongs to their family! The building on the right is the house, while the mud hut on the left (formerly their home) is now their kitchen. The foundation for a bigger house is being built in the foreground.

I wish I'd had the experience of staying in the mud hut when it was still their home.
From left: Esther (Boago's cousin), his mum, my husband Paul and our youngest daughter, Tammy.

Meals were in different spots each time, usually under the shadiest tree, and I loved that idea (tree-shades, geddit geddit?), and inside the house only when it rained.

As there wasn't enough room at their place for us to stay at, we were put up in this building, about an 8-minute walk away:
It's a hairdressing salon, not being used at the moment. All around were pictures of ladies in different hairstyles staring down at us - with the words "Dark and Lovely" appearing here and there, an advertisement for dark hair I presumed. This, I found quite amusing, as we in Malaysia have a brand name "Fair and Lovely" which is a facial cream that is supposed to make you fairer.

And so began our holiday. Tune in for Part 2 as soon as I look for some more photos....


  1. Wah .. cool .. are you still there or already back in M'sia?

  2. Back in Malaysia after 10 days, acts1322. We had loads of fun with Boago's family!

  3. Interesting ... can't wait for more pictures & stories ...

  4. Huda, some photos still in Botswana (don't ask). waiting for Boago to come back from his long holidays...

  5. What an adventure to visit Botswana! Have you watched the series The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, it is about a community in Botswana? It is based on the novels written by Alexander Mccall Smith.
    I cannot wait for more photos!

  6. tree-shades.blogspot.comJanuary 4, 2012 at 9:10 AM

    Thanga - some photos are still stuck in Botswana so I am waiting, too. The ones I have are blur :( No, have not watched it. Sounds interesting.

  7. another country vsited! *check* nice!!! keep updating!

  8. Sarah, yah it's crazy, considering that I don't care for travelling!

  9. nice trip . hope i can stay in d mud hut n eat my lunch under the shadiest trees :) remember to bring us (Boago n meee) to go jalan-jalan . i still got 6 more months leave casa

  10. Already looking forward for Part 2, cepat lah Auntie Val... Hehe.

  11. Esther, oh you SO should have come with us! It would've been a riot!

  12. HeR$heYs, sorry I'm trying to catch up with Christmas over here in KL!! When did 2012 arrive?!

  13. from facebook, 7th Jan 2012:

    Thato Mak
    awwwwww lovely,cant wait to see more bad,cudnt make it to mochudi.

  14. Thato, you're back there for the holidays? I didn't know. But it was difficult for us to move around without transport.

  15. Wow I finally found the pictures (and stories) of your trip! really cool!

  16. Bizokmats - :)

    Matthias - didn't take enough good pictures but I do try...