Thursday, June 7, 2012


Birds fascinate me.  I've already written a number of posts in my blog here, with gorgeous photos of birds.

But to have them in a cage just seems so sad.  I imagine if I were in one....

 See what it says on the label?


 Can't see?  Try again...

   "The world's most dangerous creature - homo sapiens"

But a birdhouse sounds fun.  I've always wanted one! I just couldn't figure out how in the world I was going to make a hole for the birdie to go in (for a classic-design birdhouse).   

I'd thought (don't laugh) I'd have to actually draw a circle, and saw around it.  Until my friend told me that there's such a thing as a bit that is designed to make a large hole. 

All I had to do was fit it to my power drill.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!  (geez, you learn something new all the time)
And he had one so he lent it to me. Wheeeeeee....

Oooooo....wait, wait, practise first...

Drill a little more and that circle of wood will pop out.

So out came all my scrap wood (thrown out by a furniture shop near my house, which I often collect).  I have a lot more than this!

 Here are a succession of photos to show you how I made my first-ever birdhouse (all the steps are not there, because the weather was hot and I was doing all the hole-making, sawing, drilling, painting, sanding, and distressing. outside.....I only took photos when I remembered to).  Also, since I am using scrap wood, I do not have large enough pieces which would make my work easier, I had to piece together many pieces...

 At this point, I'm thinking something is missing....oh, got it!  A perch for the birdie to sit on.. drill a little hole...


And at this point, I should have left it and considered it done.  But noooooo.....Ms Itchy Fingers here had to go and paint it - with a base of black, and blotches of red over it.  Then major sanding to distress it and give it a rustic look.

And now for some modelling.....


What do you think?  
I love it!


  1. lovely! wonder which lucky bird will step into that cage ....
    again yr candid way of presenting the blog has tickled me ... keep it coming
    ps : so how much is the bird cage going for *__^

  2. Amazing. Girl, where do u come up with these ideas? And where did you find the large cage?
    My hats off to you Val...

  3. Huda, birdhouse(bird is free to leave),not cage, cage is the one I was in!!! (bird is not free to leave). How much for my aching arm...sigh.

  4. Oli - always wanted one! A treehouse, too. And a ceiling-high Christmas tree. oops.
    The large cage was at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore, if I remember correctly (went there about 2 years ago.) Just knew that photo would come in handy one day, hahaahha!

    1. I want a tree house too. If ever you build one for yourself, call me over and we can have tea there..:)
      I googled birdhouse and they had so many nice pictures but am not able to copy n paste from my ipad..:(

  5. Oli, that's exactly what my friend Huda said, we could have tea in the treehouse! We might need to get a tree first....?!

  6. from facebook, Sunday 10th June 2012:

    Wow.... very chic, very cantik. Seriously, my highest respect to you, Val. I can't even hammer a nail in without making it crooked! Hey, what about doing an annex birdbath next? Akin to a swimming pool beside the bird bungalow? Rent it out to some lucky birds in exchange for songs ;-)
    Carol Chan

  7. wah..., so banyak nice....

  8. Oh my gosh, I like your blog! You are very creative and handy to make all these things. Very cute birdhouse. I wish I could make one :(
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. Loi Thai, you are way too humble. You're the one with the beautiful home and gorgeous photography and bombastic words to describe your pictures. I can't find my original comment, though?