Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like....'s snowing!

In Malaysia.


Hee heee heee....

I always wondered why Malaysians would decorate with fake snow - but look, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em I guess.  And yes, I am still finishing up with my first-ever DIY Christmas tree (it's ceiling-high!) so, that will have to wait 'til the next post.

I collected tons of these months ago - they had fallen off the trees growing along the way to Bukit Tinggi where we had gone for a day-trip. You're welcome for the tip.  My dear husband knows better than to drive away when he hears me go, "Stop! I see something!"

 See honey, I save you so much money by being a hunter and a gatherer...

Painted snow on them! (No, I have no idea why...heee heee heeee)

 And this is what greets you when you stand by my front door...

This flower pot with a winter (winter again!) deer scene - I could not resist it.  It was a mere 8 ringgit (about US$3.50).  And that snowy little tree was a ridiculous 3 ringgit at some jumble sale.

This framed painting is from another jumble sale,10 ringgit (yes, I will make sure I cover that horrible meter box next time...I'm learning, I'm learning!)

This fuzzy, itchy, green caterpillar thingy worms its way right across the two shoe cupboards.  I had them in a scallop pattern on my stair railing last year...just a matter of moving things around. Know why it has no snow on it?  That's so I can re-use it in different ways in years to come   The caterpillar shook it all off, of course!

See honey, I save you so much money by being a mover and shaker.

And here's an adorable white tin house ornament that just appeared out of nowhere.  I don't know whose it is will read about how things strangely make their appearance in our house here:

 And remember the post where I wrote about this birdhouse I made?  (You can read about that here:

I was going to sell it off...but now that a bird has come to stay, it's just too darned cute, so the birdhouse will have to stay put for a while.


I glued that little fella in when I met these two at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park recently...aren't they the cutest??  And they're alive!  AND I, imagine, I, took that shot!  There is hope for every amateur photographer!

And here's what's on my wall just behind the dining table...and that's a faux brick wall (I painted it but I don't think I've posted about it yet).

 These frames were actually windows thrown out by a furniture shop near my place.  I removed the window hinges, painted and stained the frames.  Pictures of my family are black and white prints, stuck against the glass.

Oh, Bird brought her family!  See the snow, see the snow on the branch?  Snow in Malaysia, indeed.... heeheeheeeheeeee...we do get hailstones though very rarely but hey, how romantic are hailstones?

Coming DIY, ceiling-high, do or die, if pigs-can-fly, pie in the sky, better than Psy, why did I start it why why why Christmas tree....sigh.

p/s If you have any comments, please write them below.  I love them!


  1. If the weather outside is frightful, Val, you make things so delightful! Make it snow, make some snow, way to go!!!
    x, pam

  2. Hey Val - I hope you are doing well! Happy Holidays!!
    Boy you sure wait a long time between each blog post. Perhaps you can blog a little more in 2013?? ;-)
    But, ok, you've been busy with your that's fine. I can't wait to see what you've done. Have fun and share it soon!!
    PS - So glad you kept the cute little birdhouse.

  3. Loi Thai! Are you nagging me?! Hahahaha! Seriously, just come over and we'll have a cuppa. "A relaxed attitude lengthens a man's life". I'm not under any pressure to perform...haahhahahaha!

  4. I want the bird house! So cute!!! But cant all the pigeons in the field ...
    Miss your house ...when can WE have a cuppa at your place? sigghhh ....

    1. Huda - we'll have to make a condominium for all the pigeons that descend at your place. Maybe add in a pool..oops...I mean bird-bath, too. You are welcome for a cuppa anytime!