Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Tree DIY the Second

You will recall last year I made a ceiling-high DIY Christmas tree, using patches of denim cloth.  Here is the post, if you're interested:

Here's a quick peek at last year's tree...

It was skinny, as my living room space is rather small so the ladder under it was not spread out the full width.

This year, I decided it'll just have to go outside, so it won't be in the way.

As I was seriously lacking in time, I posted on facebook if there were any elves who could come help me. (I'd pay in pizza!)  And immediately this bunch volunteered!

How awesome are my friends, big and little.  Gelyn is Papua New Guinean, married to a Malaysian.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Plain ol' newspaper.  Lots of it!  And staples - 1,509,267 of 'em.

Layer by layer.....

The top!

The baubles had to be toned down (less is more) so the newspaper could stand out.


So here's last year's... 

And here's this year's (I can't seem to put them side by side)...

What was my inspiration?  I remember seeing a fashion show on TV a long time back and this gorgeous gown stuck in my head!  I couldn't find the actual one but this Christian Dior dress with ruffles is something like what I saw. 

So yah, let's see......

I'm getting there, I'm getting there..... :)


  1. wow! woW!! wOW!!! WOW!!!!
    It's a white christmas ... in USJ!
    Fantastic job, Val. Kudos to your pretty elves, goblins, fairies, etc, too!
    Must have cost u a bomb (the pizza treat, not the newspapers) hahaha!
    Here's wishing you and your beautiful family all the joys of Christmas, and a blessed new year!
    A really fantastic job. YOU're fantastic!!!

    1. Pattie Boo - Thanks so much! Actually I only had to buy the cherries, total cost RM6.90 x 8 bunches = RM55.20 Oh, pizza the elves had super fun making too, so all in total cost for this tree is probably RM100. Everything else I had on hand. Also my married daughter had loads of the gold baubles to lend me since her theme is blue this year :)

  2. From facebook:

    Wow!!! Ai Vee Tan
    December 25 at 1:11am

    You're always so encouraging, Ai Vee! muak! Val

  3. From facebook:




    Joanne Ho
    December 25 at 1:15am

  4. From facebook:

    You've outdone yourself again. Wow!

    Nadia Salleh
    December 25 at 1:19am ·

  5. From facebook:

    seriously Aunty Val.. I need to know what planet you come from.. this stuff is out of this world!

    Sarah Benedict
    December 25 at 1:54am

    1. awww, Sarah. We from the same planet and from the same Image - creation ability/talent. I believe it with all my heart.

  6. From facebook:
    Wow That is probably the best christmas tree I have even seen! Only you.......

    Rita Marques
    December 25 at 1:54am

    Miss you, Rita!!!!! :( Val

  7. From facebook:

    Now that looks awesome.

    Thomas Liew
    December 25 at 2:01am

  8. From facebook:

    WOW!!! The wonders of newspaper and a creative mind! Merry Christmas Valerene Matthews.

    Valerie Nicholas Thom
    December 25 at 2:03am

    Heyyyyyyy, Valerie - Thanks so much! A Blessed Christmas to you, too. From ValeRENE

  9. From facebook:

    Wow wow wow!! Omg!!

    Jennifer Joni Thomas
    December 25 at 2:09am

    Lady, I can't do YOUR cakes, ok? so here's wow back to you!

  10. From facebook:


    Huda Manan
    December 25 at 2:10am

  11. From facebook:

    Omg..snowy tree..

    Hanny Ismail
    December 25 at 2:36am

  12. From facebook:

    Omg.. cantiknya val!

    Suhaila Amin

    December 25 at 4:14am

  13. From facebook:

    I want to see thisssss.......

    Roxsta Pam
    December 25 at 4:17am

    Pam, you can come anytime. A phone call away! No tree-viewing hours!

  14. From facebook:

    Lost for words...u are out of this world.. the tree is outside the house?

    Joy Ravendran
    December 25 at 4:45am

    Yes, dear Joy. Above is the blogpost.

  15. From facebook:

    Aunty Valerene! You are amazing! I love your creativity and the environmentally friendly tree!

    Wye Yi
    December 25

  16. From facebook:

    Wow...agree with Wye Yi..I wont be able to do this.

    Jessica Yap
    December 25 at 7:17am

  17. From facebook:

    Another Stunning Creation !! Merry Christmas to you , Uncle Paul Ratnam , and the kids

    Anu Raj
    December 25 at 11:21am

    Anuuuuuu.......thank you! I wanna go retire in New Zealand!!

  18. From facebook:

    once again she waved her magic wand ...!

    Boon Eigtved
    December 25 at 12:45pm

    OMG! What an honour, Boon Lay! Didn't even know you'd come across this!

  19. From facebook:

    Very very pretty!

    Serene Chaw
    December 25 at 1:23pm

  20. Wow!! Auntie Valerene Matthews!! Another beautiful Christmas tree
    Merry Christmas to u, Uncle Paul and family.

    Phoebe T. Lim
    December 25 at 6:58pm

  21. From facebook:

    You've outdone yourself again, aunty Val. Well done! It looks superb.

    Manjula M
    December 25 at 8:33pm

  22. From facebook:

    Its Fab - just don't know how you get such ideas year after year !!

    Anu Raj
    December 25 at 9:35pm

  23. From facebook:

    Wow, that's an awesome Christmas tree.. just one of a kind - simply unique.

    Patricia Lee
    December 26 at 6:41pm