Monday, August 25, 2014


I've been wanting an old-fashioned bicycle for over a year now.  I happen to live near to malls and fresh food markets, hawker stalls and hardware shops! (the exclamation mark is for that last stop).  Taking the car out for such a short distance is a pain especially when you need to look for parking.   And walking is not a problem except my groceries can be quite a large, heavy bagful.  

And then I found her! 

The guy at the bicycle shop was baffled.  Why would I want to buy this bicycle that he uses to run errands?  He tried recommending the other fancier ones with multiple gears and so on, but no sirreeee, I was in love with this one!

I wanted not only one that would take me from Point A to nearby Point B, but one that could double up for prettying up photobooths.  Can someone enlighten me though, at what stage is something like this called, just old, old-fashioned, old school, vintage and antique?  Seems like every old thing these days is called vintage.

I loved that she had a bell!                                                                                                                           

She doesn't ring a cheerful "Everybody, I'm ho-ohmmmmm" kind of ring, but more like a "My throat hurts, don't ever leave me out in the rain again" pitiful kind of ring.

I had the larger basket they were selling, added on.  Perfect!  I'm picturing toned thighs and a firmer bum.  And a lower petrol bill.  In that order of importance.

And yes, I decided to name her Beatrice, after my late paternal grandmother...I donno, it just seemed like something she might've done (cycle, ie, not name her bicycles).  I'd always loved my grandmother's cosy home that was full of all kinds of little collectibles in old wooden cupboards.  But it was her simple garden that she kept so neatly that I was particularly endeared to.

So I'm picturing Beatrice with her basket full of flowers.  I'm just dying to dress her up for an occasion, like this:

Or like very pretty!

I'll post a photo up once I give her a paint job, but I love her just as she is right now.  aaaaah.


  1. Wow... can't wait to see Bea's make-over!

    From a kettle to a wheelbarrow, and now a bicycle too...
    There's no end to your creativity; to what you're able to do!

    1. Pattie Boo - the only reason I haven't painted her is I can't decide on a colour!